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  1. 4XE Edition JL Club Thread

    Four 4xes on the trail..
  2. NO ORDERING OF 4XE now.

    Agree, thats the main complaint I have with ours.. it would have been more practical to have around 40 miles range.
  3. Colorado Rubicon rock rails and other take off parts (free)

    Are the rock rails still available? I am local to Denver and can pick up.
  4. Colorado FS - Rubicon Steel bumpers - $300

    DM sent, I am local to Denver.
  5. Selling car to Shift

    Get a quote from Vroom also, they have been offering $$$$ for Jeeps.. Also do not send SSN etc. in email, they should be able to do it online in a secure way.
  6. Off Road Plus Mode standard on 4xe Rubicon?

    Not available in our 4xe JLUR. button itself is missing in the dash..
  7. Just bought a 21 Rubicon Unlimited, ordered the Mopar 2" lift, overwhelmed with wheel and tire options

    That's my set up now 35 Falken AT3Ws, curious why you said no lift. Was going to see how it performs on the trails this summer without the lift and decide on the lift. Had couple of road trips with 35s and they performed great..
  8. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    Yes, we are around I 25 and 144th area. Ordered ours early January, was lucky to get Nacho! :) One of my buddies ordered 4xe Hellayella and should have it in coupld of weeks..
  9. 2022 Models - Press Release Dates

    What happened to "In house customization facility"? Will this be a My22 option?
  10. Battery Charger Cord - Level 2

    The Window Sticker also says that and it only comes with Level 1.
  11. Big price increases??

    Interesting, so the Prices will be based on what the Price is on the order guide at the time of delivery?
  12. NACHO Wrangler JL Club

    Nacho and Mojito on the trail...
  13. First Jeep Wrangler Colorado

    Yes, thats mine.. got it couple of weeks back, not many on the road yet. Not many mods yet, just 35s and AEV wheels. will be adding some lights soon and skid plates when they become available for 4xe later this year.. Switzerland trail, Rollins pass road to tunnel (just a dirt road) etc...
  14. First Jeep Wrangler Colorado

    Sure.. we can figure out Trail runs once they are open. Some kind of fake bead lock probably... the Mopar bead locks are nice.. I just got AEV Salta XR Wheels for our new JLUR 4xe.
  15. First Jeep Wrangler Colorado

    New wheels, bumper lights etc. will make it unique. Some trails you could start with are below: 1-2 hour drive from Denver: Argentine Pass Kingston Peak Red Cone - wont recommend this until you have some experience Mosquito Pass Loch Lomond San Juan: Imogene Pass Yankee Boy basin Alpine...
  16. 2022 Models - Press Release Dates

    That will be nice on Black Bear pass coming down. Bronco has this feature available, really hoping Jeep will add it too...
  17. First Jeep Wrangler Colorado

    +1 I am from Colorado and been wheeling (not hardcore rock crawling, been on Black bear, Imogene etc.) with stock JKUR on 32s since 2013. It will be better to take it on trails and see what mods works for you. 35s and under body armor (skid plates, diff covers etc.)will be a good start...
  18. 4xe electric mode performance?

    In the video below Jeep Engineer talks about using 4 auto for the fastest acceleration.
  19. out of area dealers

    This will depend on your local dealership and the complexity of the problem, the local dealership is probably not going to go out of the way if you run into major issues. Jeep Wave covers oil changes and rotations for 36 months at any dealership, I dont think you will have any issues with...