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  1. New 2021 Horrible Experience. Does FCA Even Care?

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. This sucks. The technical people at the dealership have tried their best to fix the issue, but they are unable to do so. Perhaps they have no experience with this type of issue or they are not experienced enough. Either way, it is unlikely that they will...
  2. Head gasket leak at 8000 miles.

    I understand. Keep us posted. This is an interesting case.
  3. Head gasket leak at 8000 miles.

    Cool... Good to see that FCA is standing behind its product and working with you on this. With vehicles, slow leaks become big leaks over time. Ask me how I know. The cylinder head cover? Was the surface uneven allowing oil to leak out?
  4. Engine Replacement

    Just following up on this. How is the new engine?
  5. Head gasket leak at 8000 miles.

    Just following up on this thread. How did things turn out?
  6. Ordering a JL today... resale value?

    I just don't understand the concept of a Jeep as a financial investment. Buy what you like or can afford. Get it dirty. Have fun with it. Sell it. Repeat.
  7. Ordering a JL today... resale value?

    What will you replace it with? We haven't seen the prices for the 2022 models yet. There may be some surprises there.
  8. Ordering a JL today... resale value?

    I haven't checked your calculations. However there are limits to this line of thought. When the OP starts to drive his Jeep on a regular basis, he will miss some of the features that are not included in the base Sport model. The financial aspect of the purchase should be balanced with the...
  9. Ordering a JL today... resale value?

    Some things are easy to add later. I am not sure if remote start is one of them. I would order it up front. Jeeps hold there stock resale value well. You are unlikely to recover much value on your modifications, however. Power windows and A/C come with the Sport S. Are you sure you don't...
  10. Would it make sense to add lockers/LSD to both axles of a JL Sport?

    Do you plan to regear the Sport to facilitate the 35's? Some people have said the the Sport feels a little sluggish on pavement with them.
  11. Should I get a new Wrangler?

    I have been seeing posts from people who want a Rubicon because they believe it is the best model. Do they plan to use the lockers? No. Do they plan to use the electronic sway bar? No. Do they need the higher gear ratio? No. They just feel that they will be missing out on something if...
  12. steering issues after lift

    This will help you understand. When your Jeep left the factory, the suspension, track bar, control arms, etc. were all lined up to give you a reasonable ride. When you changed the height of the vehicle, things were no longer lined up. You need to make some adjustments to bring things back...
  13. What in the world is going on in Toledo?

    I would expect the other vehicle manufacturers to be having similar issues. There have been a whole lot of manufacturing disruptions across various industries. The entire world is slowly returning to normal. Some countries are still not yet managing the virus successfully. It will...
  14. Gas mileage not what was expected

    Hold up!!! Are you guys sure that Sports get better mileage than Rubicons? I don't know. I am just asking.
  15. What To Do When You Can't Find The Jeep You Want To Buy?

    Generally speaking, there is a shortage of new vehicles now. The prices of used vehicles are higher because of increased demand. Since Covid, there have been shortages in some key components. You should expect your orders to take longer than normal to be delivered. Not pleasant, but it...
  16. Buyer’s Remorse - 2021 JLUR

    My father has been dead for several years. I still remember all the places that he took us to when we were children. His job took him on the road a whole lot and he was cool enough to take me and my younger sister along with him quite a bit. I pass these places sometimes and I still remember...
  17. Seeking Alignment Help - 2.5" RHD JLUR 2020 w 35" BFGKO2

    From what I understand, the caster angle is set by the lower control arms. I would start with a set of adjustable lower control arms for the front. I would gradually adjust the length and test. @Yellow Cake Kid it is always fun to hear you engineering types speak. Especially when you are...
  18. Seeking Alignment Help - 2.5" RHD JLUR 2020 w 35" BFGKO2

    Interesting discussion so far. Just to expand on what @Yellow Cake Kid has said. This video explains how your suspension geometry changes when you add a lift. Lifted Jeeps look great. However, there is often a price to be paid in terms of gas mileage and the quality of the ride. Please...
  19. Decisions, decisions....Rubicon or Sahara

    Do you really want a Rubicon? Will you feel as if you are losing out on something if you get a Sahara? Sometimes people buy things they don't need or don't want because they feel they have to get the best one. Will you regret your purchase every month when it is time to make the payment...
  20. Right Hand Drive JL / JLU Mods

    That is exactly how I feel when I drive in the U.S. When my cousins come to Jamaica, they always head towards the driver's side of the vehicle. Then they do a double take. It is hilarious to watch.