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  1. What’s the shipping time for the Trektop Ultra?

    Was told end of June from retailer, fully expect summer to be over before I see it.
  2. Thinking about trading my 3.6 for the Diesel. Extra maintenance steps and costs?

    I had a 3.0 GC and loved it, however the maintenance costs were dreadful. I wanted a 3.0 but ended up with a 3.6. Looking at trading now........yeah most folks are never happy.
  3. Some dirt bag rifled through my Jeep last night

    The other side of this small midwest town a fellow got his house cleaned out and his truck stolen. All while he was mowing the yard. The wife has orders to lock all doors even when we are home, not for our protection but any arseholes that want to decide they want to steal my shit. Right across...
  4. Insane Used Jeep pricing.

    You can have mine for 58k
  5. Any Audiophiles here?

    Right up to NPR...............Can't use a big enough flame thrower to get rid of that left wing BS
  6. Sound bar removal

    Got the MB Quart adaptors installed today with some Infinity Reference 9632's and greeted with warm shit. Muffled garbage using the MB Quart speaker adaptor, not sure but looks like they are right polarity. Disconnected the batteries hoping to reset the system, but still garbage. Should I use...
  7. Sound bar removal

    Another stupid question, is the dash speaker connector the same as the roll bar speakers?
  8. No Squatting JL's in NC

    Please tell me there are no Wranglers of ANY kind doing that ignorant nonsense! I'm pretty sure that would be grounds to lose your man car in most states. At the very least get your behind kicked in a dark alley.
  9. Sound bar removal

    Does the top need to be off/down for the sound bar to come off ? Have some 6x9's and MB Quart adapters coming.
  10. New “Specialty” Jeeps

    You actually made my point. Electricity "could" be the answer, but we are trading one mess for another. Today it costs too much to recycle lithium so it just gets scraped. Hopefully the technology will get there, right now we may as well be driving coal fired steam cars.
  11. Why so much hate for angry eyes grilles?

    Probably because the slotted grille of the Wrangler is an iconic symbol from the past.......that and 'bird grilles are ugly as warm shit.
  12. Can a dealer add 10k above sticker?

    Yep dealers for the most part are slime balls just out to rape you with out a reach around.
  13. Soft Top Purchase

    How long ago did you order it? They are about 30 days out at best now.
  14. New “Specialty” Jeeps

    Take a walk near a midwest wind farm and count the dead birds. Tidal energy will work great in the fly over states. LOL No such thing as "green" energy. Yes we need something to replace fossil fuels, the answer just isn't here yet.
  15. New “Specialty” Jeeps

    Wind is a disaster and the acres of solar panels are not the answer either. But nice try, keep trying to make me feel guilty I'm sure when I'm 80 I'll give a shit.
  16. Plastic Door Sill Guards

    Had Mopar ones on my JK's, went with Fishbone Offroad for the JLUR. Even though the sills were clean, and I used alcohol to clean the area before applying them they are still coming up, very disappointed with them. In hindsight I probably should have scuffed the paint in the area where the...
  17. New “Specialty” Jeeps

    Oh the green tree huggers will have that ALL figured out when the time comes. You know like how we bury tons of nuclear waste in disposal areas in the desert. LOL And to think Gates is backing a new nuclear power plant. What hypocrites the tree huggers are.