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  1. Sell my Willys for a Rubicon???

    if we are talking about buying a new a Wrangler -there are still dealers that will do 5-8% under Invoice. i wouldn’t call that crazy.
  2. Sell my Willys for a Rubicon???

    The quotes they give you normally last a week. I let it lapse, then asked for a new quote the next day. I'd say nothing about the process was very difficult. Everything except the pick up was done online.
  3. Sell my Willys for a Rubicon???

    hi. Yes I was super nervous too - that they would change the price etc. Worked out though, maybe took a bit longer than I’d hoped. Check was issued very quickly though once they had it. I posted this somewhere on here Thought I’d share my Vroom story for the sale of my 2021 JLU Rubi. The short...
  4. Are Dealerships Still Pricing Under Invoice?

    agreed. And if you don’t have time, just get it shipped - not sure how far that is maybe $1,000 to ship?
  5. Would you spend money on mods on a leased JL?

    Why not? Just so long as you keep the stock parts and are willing to put them back on at the end. Can always sell your mods at the end when you take them off (or put them another wrangler). It's 3 years - you have to enjoy the thing the way you want it!
  6. Sell my Willys for a Rubicon???

    So how about that Willys? Let us know where you decide to go ;) btw - looks very cool in the pics!
  7. Sell my Willys for a Rubicon???

    Not taking a loss is a rare event when talking about vehicles for sure. Life is short - enjoy it. For someone who is looking - in that Recommened dealer thread - names like Daniel at Gupton, Kent in Idaho, Jim Butler in MO, and Travis at Criswell (on and off) along with a couple of others - are...
  8. Sell my Willys for a Rubicon???

    Super interesting with those lumber prices - just seems like a lot of unstability / uncertainty out there when you have stuff like that happening. I saw that article in the WSJ of people shifting their spending from goods to services also. I agree with you that people shouldn't be getting in...
  9. Sell my Willys for a Rubicon???

    I hope the supply gets better soon also, however, it is a fact that there are still deals to be had well below invoice on an order and no one should be paying MSRP. Go take a read of the Recommended Dealers thread - it's still pretty active over there, albeit with less dealers to pick from.
  10. Sell my Willys for a Rubicon???

    I think that what you are trying to say, based on your well to do hood experience, is that a person who is not as rich (and in fact most people on this forum) would only buy a rubicon as they are trying to exhibit an image of having more money than what they do / to appease some online forum...
  11. Sell my Willys for a Rubicon???

    that's an assumption that it's a daily driver. why destroyed if you can still get 8% under invoice if you order one - albeit from a more limited number of dealers currently?
  12. Dealer says best to wait for 22's

    i understand it to be eligible as it’s not listed in the excluded models: sorry for the sideways photo also there’s hundreds of companies that qualify for affiliate pricing, so you may not actually need the tread lightly membership
  13. Sell my Willys for a Rubicon???

    I don't think this is true, if you are willing to order a new one. Some above just pointed out a dealer still doing 8% under invoice not too far away from you. Check in the friendly dealers forum for the latest though - it's not as prevalent as before...
  14. 2022 Models - Press Release Dates

    June order guides are up
  15. What to do after Wrangler rollover?

    Geez - you guys are rough - guy just posted here looking for some help. OP - happy to hear you're okay, let us know how it turns out!
  16. A few questions about buying my first Jeep

    Congrats - enjoy the ride!
  17. Insane Used Jeep pricing.

    its not too hard to get affiliate pricing at 1% under invoice, and a handful of dealers are still doing good deals - that’s why I posted that link - it’s all in there. On ordered units.
  18. Insane Used Jeep pricing.

    it’s not a bad idea. Sold mine to Vroom for more than I paid, and it’s now listed on their website for more than it’s MSRP! while the base price of new wranglers has gone up over time, seems a smart idea if you can sell what you have for more than you paid, and get a new one with new warranty...
  19. A few questions about buying my first Jeep

    Cool - sounds like you‘ve done your research. lots of threads on Rubi vs Sahara - summarized pretty well above. No doubt the Sahara will be more than capable, just a matter of if you start adding mods should you just go Rubi to start with. price comes into this - so hope you found the thread...