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  1. For those going with 37s, are you regearing??

    Yeah most everyone that did 40s is doing one ton axles. Yea 39s is close to to not have to do one ton axles. 38s you can probably get away without one ton axles but you're very limited on tire choices on 38s
  2. For those going with 37s, are you regearing??

    For what I'm spending on college for one semester I could easily put 1 ton axles and 40s lols
  3. For those going with 37s, are you regearing??

    As you know even with 410s and 37s when you take off it's pretty quick I could not imagine how fast it is with 513s. I bet when you take off it just throws you back. I don't remember what mine was stock because I only had a stock for about 2 days and did the lift and wheels and tires LOL
  4. For those going with 37s, are you regearing??

    I also have a Rubicon 2018. Every now and then I won't hit 8th gear but I just click it over to manual drive and then after I drive the next couple days it'll hit 8th year. Friend of mine at dealership said that the transmission has like a memory and it will do it on its own next time. Sounds...
  5. For those going with 37s, are you regearing??

    Was this a sport or a Rubicon?
  6. For those going with 37s, are you regearing??

    I'm so glad you brought this up sometimes in the same size are five to seven pounds heavier or lighter. Let's just say five that's like putting a 5 lb weight on your axle or your drum say times four times seven times four 28 lb it adds up. The toyo MTZ Open country I love that tire had them on...
  7. Spiderwebshade / Alien shade tops: I have some questions

    That looks so much better. It has that clean look to it. You do realize how much you don't like the bungee balls till they are gone. that's why most all the company's that are still open making shades have done away with the balls hanging down. One you get rid of them you will see how better it...
  8. For those going with 37s, are you regearing??

    Someone told me that went the 513s that it doesn't down shift at a certain speed as good. So the way to get it at the stock is the 488s
  9. Best method to hang JL doors in garage?

    Yep the ARC door hangers are the best way to hang your doors because the door hangs inside the rubber seal and doesn't put pressure on it. If you use like a wheel barrow hanger it will put a indention on the rubber seals and can leak when you put your doors back on. They are only about $30 for a...
  10. Alien shade for JL

    That's why they make different shades for different people. like I said 100% alien shades is out of business You're buying what's left over and was on or what website they have them. If you're happy with that and the price be happy with it. Dirty dog makes a shade also but it was really thin I...
  11. Alien shade for JL

    So you agree it has about a 2-inch gap in the front then ? That's why they make different shades for everyone you can still get dirty dog I think they're still around he is worth very good that's what I was told by someone that had it and send it back. But if you're looking for a cargo net...
  12. Spiderwebshade / Alien shade tops: I have some questions

    Yep poor design
  13. Alien shade for JL

    Everyone has had a different experience with different products. Bottom line companies out of business I'm not buying something to worry about the company's not going to be around to back their product because there's no lifetime warranty to be backed up and yes stuff breaks stuff rips the holes...
  14. Alien shade for JL

    China versus USA you can buy China and what can break the eyelets where the bungee balls go through can rip and have. you choose to buy China go ahead I'm done with China. I will buy USA products as much as I can and twice or three times more no and there's a reason why they're so cheap. But hey...
  15. Alien shade for JL

    Mine was installed correctly I had a friend of mine that works at a shop even tried to help me readjusted it's cut too short. Yes it was good at the time for the money but like I said there's no warranty anymore because the company is out of business try calling them and see if you can get...
  16. Alien shade for JL

    Just found an old picture from last year before I got my spider web shade when I had my alien shade. Look at the big gap in the front by the visors because when you put those clips they're not strong enough to hold it and it gives we took those clips off and wrap the cords the bungee balls...
  17. Spiderwebshade / Alien shade tops: I have some questions

    No they just make a good product that I'm very happy with and I've met the owner and off-road show I'm just trying to steer you in the right direction but you're free to buy alien that's not made anymore and then after 30 days Amazon won't replace it and you'll be screwed you're welcome to do...
  18. Spiderwebshade / Alien shade tops: I have some questions

    Yes Amazon got stuck with all their merchandise just like a friend of mine bought a bunch of the alien stuff for the JK if you got a JK I'll give you his number he's got a shitload in his house that he can't get rid of he bought it through another dealer thinking he can make money and he's not...
  19. Alien shade for JL

    I said OCD but voice text typed the wrong thing lol .I meant to say I'm OCD I'm just real particular about things and the way it looks especially when I'm spending money
  20. Alien shade for JL

    Here's the difference I'm talking about I like the back of the roll bar showing on top of the two piece I don't like it coming way down in the back but some people don't care I guess I am AOD when it comes to stuff like this