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  1. When are you using 4H and 4L on your Wrangler?

    In the winter here I mostly use 2wd. if it’s very snowy/icy I’ll use 4H; or for instance merging on a busy road when it’s slick start in 4H and then shift out into 2H when I’m at 20-30mph i will use 4L in very bad weather 6-8+ in of snow. when off-roading in the snow I might use 4H in deep...
  2. Does my Jeep know my driving habits?

    2019 jlu sahara on 37s...I have 3.45 gearing which means I would never seen 7th or 8th gears. About 2 months ago I would manually shift into 7th or 8th on the highway. Now I’m seeing a 1 mpg avg increase and the Jeep is shifting into 7th and sometimes 8th on its own does the computer “learn”...
  3. Do you plug in your portable fridge/freezer when not using it?

    Outside of winter I keep it running in the garage to store extra stuff in or use in the Jeep intermittently. I suspect it it much more wear and tear to use it constantly than sporadically. interested in hearing some opinions
  4. Looking for suggestions for a waterproof safari top

    Thanks in advance; I’ve read many of the threads here I’d like to find a safari top that’s waterproof and quickly removable (ie 5 min) that could roll up. That way I can roll topless in the summer but have an option for rain I’ve looked at the bestop safari to and others but they look like...
  5. 2.0 Engine Skid Plates

    drove mine all winter on salty roads (it’s my daily driver now). Still looks like new
  6. What Traction Boards/Mats are Everyone Using?

    I’ve used x bulls in ice and snow and find them very useful. Often times much faster and simpler than using a winch. Had one event where we used two sets (one for each wheel) to get momentum at the base of an icy hill. We’ve used them to bridge rocks (doubled up) in negative temps and no issues...
  7. Time for new winch cable?

    first off; I rarely use my winch. It’s 2yo. I’m overdue for line maintenance. So I let the line out and have several sections like this that are mashed. Not sure why. I’m assuming I should replace the line to avoid failure. Winch was preinstalled when I bought the Jeep and was incorrectly spooled
  8. Jeeps in Snow... post pics.

    At the cabin; going skiing. will have more next weekend at a snow run
  9. Important for those that have a brand new Jeep - check your fuses!

    Just checked my 2019 with 15k miles. Half were not seated. Thanks for this thread
  10. Recovery boards

    I agree; I bought xbulls after using them extensively in rocks and snow. We’ve used them for bridging several times (doubling them up under a single wheel) multiple times. They work great. Lost a couple of nubs to tire spin, but I have been impressed with performance. I look at them as more of...
  11. ARB awning and room installed on JLUR - Better than a RTT?

    I’ve wondered if you could add a stove jack to the awning and use a small wood stove inside
  12. Any 37” duratrac equivalent for snow/ice

    I’m looking for a better snow/ice tire than my pro comp xtremes, which unsurprisingly aren’t great. I’ve been happy with duratracs but they only come in 35”. Is there any tire with similar winter performance to the duratrac performance in 37” or should I just do the 35” duratracs as a winter...
  13. Let us hear that you want Core Doors!

    My only experience is two club members who have the doors. One loves the doors after hours of adjustment. Another has had nothing but fitment problems, rattles, leaks. I love the idea. For the cost I would expect minimal need for adjustments and excellent function. It’s a significant investment...
  14. Let us hear that you want Core Doors!

    I’m with you... Except unlike in my CJ days I wear nice clothes most days and have a leather interior and lots of electronics I don’t want getting wet when the weather turns unexpectedly. If I wanted leaky, flappy, Ill-fitting doors I’d make my own out of trash bags and coat hangers . I...
  15. Tapping into rear 12v port power

    Resurrecting an old thread. Anyone have a wiring diagram off the hard top harness for those unused 1-touch wires? Also. The front 12v plug in has 3 wires. Which one to tap for power?
  16. Outback Tailgater w/ Switch Plate

    Agree. I would buy this as an add on for my table
  17. Is there a way to reduce turbo lag on the 2.0T?

    I also have “lag.” 2019 2.0 On 37s From a stop, turning left (my morning commute) I slowly accelerate into the left lane then the turbo boosts. This is the only time I dislike this engine. A left turn in this area generally means taking your life in your hands between traffic coming from either...
  18. 2.0 Engine Skid Plates

    Beat the crap out of my asfir skids last weekend. It was a messy affair of logs and rocks, including sitting high centered on a log while sitting on the tc skid. Held up perfectly as one would expect. im sure other manufacturers offer great products, but I love the weight savings of aluminum.
  19. Dumb electrical question about tapping into power

    I’m adding a fused 12v plug in the rear console. Would it be ok to tap into the positive coming into the rear window controls to power the plug in? goal is to have power with ign.
  20. 12V Fridge & freezer

    Here’s my first test of my fridge/battery system: alpicool 16q fridge Jackery 240 accessory battery I fanned a crappy mount to hold the battery but it does the job for now. first trial today. Jackery charged to 100%, fridge was cooled via 110v overnight to 37d. Only 2 small items in the...