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  1. California SOLD Sahara Wheels for lunch money $60

    No pizza delivery sorry
  2. California SOLD Sahara Wheels for lunch money $60

    20k miles on them. Nothing wrong with them. Includes spare. No TPMS $60 pickup in Chino.
  3. California Rubicon take off wheels and tires

    I’ll take them. Please DM me to schedule pickup. Thanks!
  4. California 5 used 33" (10k miles) stock tires and stock JLUR rims

    Are these the black and silver accents on the outer or the more silver center one? If they are the first option tap tap :)
  5. California Rubicon fenders

    Please go with the next person in line. Thanks
  6. California Black Textured Rubicon Fenders for Sale

    Interested. Where in SoCal?
  7. California Rubicon fenders

    Any updates in getting your new fenders back? Just wondering since someone is looking to buy my fenders after I install the ones you sell me.
  8. California Rubicon fenders

    You know who to call 😉
  9. California WTB: JL Sahara Gloss Black Fender Flares

    I have some but waiting to buy another members rubi fenders which he said should be available for me to get within a week. I’m in chino
  10. California WANT TO BUY: Stock Halogen Fog Lights

    I have some with yellow tint but yikes today?! Give me enough to buy lunch and I’ll arrange this. I’m an expensive date and $10 isn’t going to cut it 😅. I’m in chino
  11. California Rubicon fenders

    Yeah, sorry to everyone else as well.. I legit pinged Prestige 5min after he posted. @Prestige Billet - No worries, I am in no rush.. Can you confirm if these are the painted or non painted black fenders? Please feel free to txt me if that is easier. Thanks!
  12. California Rubicon fenders

    Check your DM please
  13. California Rubicon fenders

    Tap tap ;)
  14. Manual JL using tow dolly to tow car

    Ahh yes I did think of doing that as well but forgot to mention it... especially since the manual flywheels have a concerning recall right now...
  15. Manual JL using tow dolly to tow car

    Here is my scenario and I would love your thoughts/feedback... I know a lot of you are going to suggest a Gladiator for towing but it just does not work in my life... For starters it wouldn't fit in my driveway... So lets talk JL only please... I live in SoCal and plan to buy a tow dolly for...
  16. 295/70r17 milestar patagonia’s

    Do you know what it measures as is on the Jeep? I saw someone posted the 315 size is exactly 34” from ground to top of tire.
  17. California 4Door JL Mopar Molded Plastic Side Steps $100

    Selling my 4 door Mopar plastic side steps for $100. I believe the part # is 82215164. They have about 6K miles on them.
  18. California Rubicon take off suspension

    Miles on parts? Can you do $300 picked up?
  19. California 2019 JLU Rubicon Takeoff Suspension - Buena Park ($175)

    interested if sale falls through and can pick up.