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  1. Bedliner on stock bumpers?

    Has anyone bedlined their stock bumpers? I've been looking at aftermarket bumpers and not liking most of what I see. Id like a simple old school inspired bumper and everything is so angular and bulky on top of adding a ton of weight for something largely not adding to functionality unless i get...
  2. Bye bye Bikini for 2021 model year? [Confirmed]

    I actually like that its discontinued. Less on the road.
  3. Bye bye Bikini for 2021 model year? [Confirmed]

    Mine. Already got suspension ready to go. Thinking bronze method 701's then some sliders/skidplates/bumpers
  4. Bye bye Bikini for 2021 model year? [Confirmed]

    Landers Mclarty in Huntsville has 2. They had a bikini sport 6 speed manual with Dana44 rear. I bought it.
  5. Jeep Introduces New 6.4-liter V-8 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept

    The good thing is this may push Toyota to make a removable top 4runner or FJ again and they could blow Jeep and Ford out of the water if they did it right.
  6. Washington ARB stubby front bumper JL/JT

    great price. Id snatch this up if I wasnt across the country haha.
  7. Need suspension advice/input. New to the JL.

    Thanks dude! I've been looking for confirmation on which Rubi springs would be good with my 2 door soft top. Coincidently im able to buy a set of the 60/61 90/91's with 100 miles on them for 200 bucks tomorrow right next to where im working. Meant to be i guess haha.
  8. Need suspension advice/input. New to the JL.

    Looks killer man. I wanted the orange and I should have been patient and ordered it. What are your spring numbers? thats the main headache when considering the stock rubi swap. All the springs are different and net different results. most of the pics are with 4 doors as well which doesnt tell...
  9. Need suspension advice/input. New to the JL.

    HA. Thats exactly what I planned and a local shop pushed me away from it saying "its junk" while telling me I should do a 1.5 spacer lift for 500 dollars haha.
  10. Need suspension advice/input. New to the JL.

    New member and first post. Ive just picked up a new JL sport with 3.6 , 6 speed and stock D44 rear. I almost cant stand to drive it in stock form and want to do a minor build. I need some input on suspension kits for the 2 door. Most of what you see is on 4 doors it seems and I know the ride and...