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  1. My head is spinning! Please recommend tires and wheels for Mopar 2 inch lift

    Thank you for the input. I will go off-road in parks but not anything wild. I had enough of that in the Army with the ultimate rig my M 1
  2. My head is spinning! Please recommend tires and wheels for Mopar 2 inch lift

    Want bigger tires, 12.5/35/18 along with a lift. Right now I am looking at the Mopar 2in lift. Next I need tires and wheels. If you can make a logical recommendation I am willing to listen. Fritz
  3. Looking for a ride.

    Wow! That would be great, I’ll buy lunch.
  4. Looking for a ride.

    Thank you, if possible I will make it.
  5. 35’s do it or not.

    Guess that makes up my mind and to do it.
  6. 35’s do it or not.

    I see this 85# in a great deal of posts but no one can find it in writing from Mopar. I don’t want to lift the Jeep install tires and then have my tailgate hinges fail. Theta why the survey, get real life info.
  7. 35’s do it or not.

    Have 35’s? Take my survey.
  8. Texas Gloss Black Hood

    Do you still have the hood? I’m interested. Let me know what is the least amount you will take. Looking at aftermarket but the idea of modding a stock hood is a good idea, as long as I get it for a good price. Fritz
  9. Looking for a ride.

    Good morning, I have a stock 2018 JLU Sahara. I want to do a lift kit of between 2.5 and 3.5 inches. I am looking for people in the DFW area with lifts like I described . I will gladly give you a few bucks for gas or buy you lunch, what I want from you is a ride so I can judge which one is...
  10. Looking for Steel Rubicon Bumpers in North Dallas

    If you are selling them keep me in mind.
  11. Wanted: steel bumper

    If you get more than one offer, let me know. I’m in the DFW area and am looking for the same.
  12. WTB Stock Rubicon Steel front bumper in Texas

    Want to keep stock appearance but add a winch. Located in the DFW area.
  13. Gas mileage with 35’s

    Thanks, I feel better about doing it now.
  14. Gas mileage with 35’s

    Good evening all, I have a 2018 JLU Sahara I get 20 around town and 25 on the highway. I want to do a 1.5-2.5 inch lift with 35 inch tires. I don’t know if I will get different wheels, it depends on the tires that will fit on my stock 18’s. I am going to upgrade the brakes, probably with the...
  15. Gibson Leatherwork's JL Fob Holster

    I am hoping that when I get it in the mail that it deserves all the praise you have heaped upon it. If that is the case I will talk to him about a leather holster for my Ruger SR9c i keep n the he Jeep.
  16. Gibson Leatherwork's JL Fob Holster

    Thank you all, just got done ordering it.
  17. Gibson Leatherwork's JL Fob Holster

    Good evening all, I am interested in the leather holster with button window. I am quite absentminded due to banging my noggin in my tank for twenty five years. I do not like bulky things in my pocket and about twenty percent of the time my Uconnect app fails to lock my doors. My question to...
  18. Looking for a trustworthy “Jeep” store in the DFW area.

    Hi all, I am looking for a store that sells and installs Jeep things. Wanting normal stuff, lift, lights and wheels and tires. I am in the Dallas area. Thanks Fritz
  19. Cost to convert to complete factory LED’s

    I have searched and can’t find an answer. Any help is appreciated. I want OEM because I am a great believer in never giving the dealer the opportunity to say my transmission failed because you used an aftermarket widget. I’m being silly but you get the idea, I am transitioning from the world...