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  1. Maz7



    Hi, how did the OEM fit in? did they fit properly? Cause i know you had to drill to enlarge the two holes in the rear to install the JCR inner fenders .
  3. Hi, need help, quick question

    Was the exhaust clamp installed correctly? I feel it has been placed incorrectly. I feel it should've been pushed littile more to the end of the muffler
  4. The Important of Painted Fender Flares on Stock Jeep

    Thats not an issue at all. Just buy and apply the 3m protective film like i did . I vote for the painted fenders. I recommend buying a jeep already modified with them in order not to waste money
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Like MJ said this is it. I'm done; it emptied my pocket. No more modifying for me. Here is my Jeep after 8 months of hard work 1. 2.5 inch Teraflex leftkit 2.3.1 Falcon shocks, 2.1 steering stabilizer, Teraflex tire relocation bracket 3. 8 Teraflex Alpine control arms 4. Borla ATAK, aFe cool air...
  6. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    Like MJ said this is it. It emptied my pocket, I'm done . I can't go further. here is my Jeep after 8 months of modifying.
  7. So I read that no 2” lift kit will ride better than stock .

    I'm not realy an expert when it comes to tires and left kit, but all i know 17x9 is the perfect match for a 35 in terms of comfort and off-roading.I got the 2.5 Teraflex leftkit with 3.1 Falcon Shocks, 2.1 Falcon steering Stablizer and the Teraflex 8 arms. It rides just little stiffer than the...
  8. 2 Door vs 4 Door

    I'm the type of a guy who regrets his 4 door. I've had two 2door in the past. One was 2005 TJ and the other one was 2011 JK. So when the time came to buy my new JL, I was like ok let's make some changes; Let me get the 4 doors incase I got a girl, kids, loading a lot of thing etc. Oh man after a...
  9. The loudest exhaust on a JL

    What was your complaint? was it the drone?
  10. The loudest exhaust on a JL

    Hi, last year i bought my Borla ATAK exhaust and i wasn't saticfied ; It wasn't loud enough. I need something much louder and i don't wanna buy based on videos judgment because they aren't clear. I don't wanna repeat that mistake. I need some people experience. I've been recommended to get...
  11. Borla or Magnflow?

    Get the Borla ATAK. It's not as loud as the manufacturer stated for being so loud. In fact, it's exactly what you want; it has deep tone , mild growl and no drone at all. I've got mine for a year right now and i feel so disapointed because it isn't as loud as i expected . So lately i've been...
  12. What would you blow 300 dollars on?

    It does improve your throttle response that's all about for faster accelaration either for OFF Roading, Racing or Driving-Spirit. It doesn't add horsepower though. It only kills the delay from your gas pedal ,you will feel it when you try it. It has 4 driving mode including Eco mode if you want...
  13. What would you blow 300 dollars on?

    The pedal commander no doubt you will love it
  14. Tazer vs Flashcal vs other JL programmers

    Hi , Iim planing to get the Diablosport 8420-BR Intune i3 PCM Swap Race/CMR for 18-19 Jeep Wrangler JL 3.6L but i haven't found any reviews. Any one have any idea on how good it's? Product quality, voiding...
  15. JL vs JK Hardtop dimention

    Relax, I'm serious that's why i asked. I don't want to risk scratching my painted hardtop but i think i heared somewhere that both models JK and JL have the same Hardtop dimention. As gnwes said there are alot of hardtop carriers are universal
  16. JL vs JK Hardtop dimention

    Hi, anyone knows if the JK and the JL have the same hardtop dimention? I found a good deal on a Hardtop carrier on Amazon for the JK and i wonder if it will fit my JL?
  17. Quick Poll II - Why Are You Not Taking Your Top Off? Hardtop/Soft Top/Freedom Tops??

    My Tj got stolen back in the days in 2005. Ever since , I always keep the hardtop on. I do take it off , but rarly. Only for special occasions and no more than one night.
  18. Mopar 82215137 Hood Lock Kit for 18-19 Wrangler JL

    Yes it's the actual product. The only difference is, the set of the screws . Look at where i circled. Those came in little longer and thicker . They looked like some kind of screw rivet and the pair that goes to the top has a different shape than the one in the video, but in the end, it did fit...
  19. Mopar 82215137 Hood Lock Kit for 18-19 Wrangler JL

    It will be obvious where every thing goes. You don't have to drill anything. As for the key,Yes as simple as that; Slide it in and a lock turn to the right and it will automaticly fits into it. It's one time fit and no other key will fit into it. GOOD LUCK I'LL WILL BE WAITING TO HEAR FROM YOU