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  1. Air/water separator for on board ARB compressor?

    thanks. does it trap most of the water? is there less water spray from hoses when disconnecting?
  2. GMRS antenna mount

    any radio techies out there? would a ground plane type antenna work well mounted on pioneer platform? do we have to use antennas designed to work without a good ground plane?
  3. Rocker Switch panel for JL Sport

    I did. flimsy cheap plastic, fits into rectangular dash tray, Overhangs over the radio about 1 inch, I wanted to find a GMRS radio that would fit but there aren’t any. I returned it. Easy to get wires to this location if you put them through the cowling and then behind the lower windshield to...
  4. RubiSc0tt's Big Orange Jeep build

    banned site?
  5. RubiSc0tt's Big Orange Jeep build

    take a look at [Banned Site]’s overhead cb bar kit he sells. Maybe it is further forward. my concern would be the risk of head injuries with any steel obstacles mounted directly in the occupants motion safety zone. A seatbelt would not stop you from hitting the overhead crossbar if you are tall...
  6. RubiSc0tt's Big Orange Jeep build

    the overhead cb bar- did you find a solution to that head banging?
  7. Rocker Switch panel for JL Sport

    has anyone tried this AUTO METER 5397 Switch Panel & CB Mount for Jeep JL 2018+ no pics of it installed in dash tray
  8. Outback Tailgater w/ Switch Plate

    nice write up. The wiring diagram seems oversimplified with the rigid lights and factory lights sharing the same circuit. ditto that on water pump
  9. Upgrading knee speakers. Dash removal?

    if I only want to get the left knee panel off how far to tge right do I have to dissassemble? I am trying to mount a custom switch gang bracket right below the light switch knob/dimmer. control.
  10. Custom Labeled Auxiliary Switches

  11. Upgrading knee speakers. Dash removal?

    bump That YouTube video did not show the driver side of the dash being taken apart to access the knee speaker.
  12. AirUpDown System Fixes

    the product is now all 3/8 but the havent updated instructions.
  13. AirUpDown System Fixes

    these fit perfect ColorLugs Vinyl LugCap Lug Nut Cover Black | Flexible Fit Lug Nut Cap | Fits 21-23mm Wide x 1 Inch deep | Pack of 20 & Deluxe Extractor | Available in a Variety of Colors and Sizes | Made in The USA
  14. AirUpDown System Fixes

    no, i am still using 7/8” ID rubber furniture feet. the rubber caps from china were not the right size (need 21-22mm ID). let me know if successful finding caps. NOTE that air up regulator setting varies with temperature. example, after running jeep it will stop at 34# but cold it will go up...
  15. AirUpDown System Fixes

    sorry no The revised system is 100% reliable. and it airs down much faster than before with so many tiny shraeder valves.
  16. Tap into floor light?

    This timer relay should resolve issues due to dome light dimming off. No capacitor needed. program for trigger function with timer delay off. the relay is latching type so dimming wont cause chattering, and it lets you set timer for when your relay powered device will switch off, even allowing...