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  1. Can someone tell me waht the make and model of the two JL batteries? And when is a good time to replace?

    Hi, I searched and did not find a thread on this? MY 2018 jl is coming up on 36 month old, and am wondering when is a good time to proactively replace the two batteries? What are the two batteries specs? what are their make and model number? What are good OEM replacement batteries if wanting...
  2. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    Just took mine in to be assessed for the steering box replacement. Was called late and told based on my VIN that I am not eligible for the fix? But that I am going to get new Lower control arms? Does this make sense? For me I have not play or dead spots, I just have to really work at hwy...
  3. What do people think of the teraflex nomads?

    no...I like how they are now...If someone else does it and posts pics I may change my mind.
  4. 8.4 uconnect radio/nav is lost thinks I am different city?

    2 weeks ago my nav lost its mind and thought I was miles away from actual location. At one point it had me doing circles in middle of lake? Anyone else seen this? Took into dealer since all under warranty and they tried to do a software update and got error, gave me jeep back with fuse pulled...

    Anyone had an issue with the NAV system showing I am in a different city or just really confused? I was coming home when it started in traffic. Had a route loaded and it kept telling me to go the opposite direction. Initially I thought it was redirecting me due to accident or something, but...
  6. Tera Flex Nomad Wheels

    this is an obvious check for something I just remembered. when I first got my rims and all the components many (all cant remember?) of the red valve stem caps did not have orings. if you did not notice that there should be an oring or all of yours didnt have one its possible to miss that there...
  7. Tera Flex Nomad Wheels

    I love the nomads....I have had mine since they first released them and I have never had any problem keeping them at 35psi. I never have to add air. somethign is not right somewhere in your wheels?
  8. What do people think of the teraflex nomads?

    No idea...but send a chat to teraflex they will answer all q's...
  9. What do people think of the teraflex nomads?

    they are supposed to, but I have not had it lower than 20psi and that was on sand. I have never aired down and crawled over a rock, or dropped off a shelf.
  10. Oregon looking to sell my stock 2018 stock JLUr KO2 33" tires and wheels

    Hi, I pulled these off this summer with less than 10,000 miles on them. currently tires not on the rubi wheels, and does not include TPM's. I am only interested if you are able to meet me in portalnd oregon metro area for ease. Both wheels and tires are in perfect shape. send PM if...
  11. Loose Steering is NORMAL for the JL

    my issues where of very different nature. I had a water leak coming from the passenger A pillar/windshield seal. the leak would drain into the fuse box to the right of your leg in passenger seat and cause the dash to freak out. like it was possessed, screen blinking beeping, error codes and...
  12. Loose Steering is NORMAL for the JL

    so I have a 2018 JLUR no lift, but with 35" tires. I do not have loose steering at all, no dead spot, no wandering. so when I see people posting this I dont understand why they are not getting it fixed by FCA. my old land cruiser also had solid front axle and it steered perfect also. so...
  13. 2020 Ram 1500's new EcoDiesel horsepower and torque revealed

    will the diesel in the new gladiator and wranglers be 3rd gen diesel? or 2nd gen?
  14. Tera Flex Nomad Wheels

    I have have had mine for couple months and had no issues with air in tires. Have aired down once. I set the tire pressure on the air down valve to be highest possible, which seems to be around 18-20psi? if I want it lower I use a arb guage/air release valve.
  15. Need recommendations for hide a key soulutions on JLUR? my solution is to put one in a faraday bag and use it has a hideakey. Have tested it and no issues so far. if I lose my key I have an extra one well hidden. it is hard to lock key inside vehicle (maybe not possible unless batteries dead or some outlyer circumstance). But that...
  16. What do people think of the teraflex nomads?

    yes they look awsome. I am going to attempt to plasti dip the rash rings red. I should get rings friday and have some time to mess with it. the nice thing about plastidip is you can just peel it off if you dont like it, or so I am told. we will see. now I have to find a good color of red..
  17. What do people think of the teraflex nomads?

    thats no lift and bfg 315/70r/17 load range c. wheels/tires poke about 2.5 inches outside fender. I really like the looks, and the air down is quick and very functional.
  18. Need recommendations for hide a key soulutions on JLUR?

    I am learning here also, how do you unlock your jeep with your phone? is this some kind of service you have to pay for? I remember somehting through sirius, but I dont have that?
  19. Need recommendations for hide a key soulutions on JLUR?

    if there is a way I or someone in my family will do it:)
  20. Need recommendations for hide a key soulutions on JLUR?

    HI, I am looking at getting a spare key made (without the keyfob/electronics just the laser cut key) has a precaution in case I lock my key in jeep. first question is what "hide a key" do you recommend for a jeep that will get dirty and bang around off road? and second questions is if I lock...