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  1. Indiana Rubicon Disconnecting Swaybar

    I bought this off another member here with a low mileage rubicon. I was going to install on my JLUS before I sold it. Located in central Indiana. $300 firm. I paid $400 so I am already selling at a loss.
  2. Trouble with Mopar 3 piece bumper

    I have the adapter to work with the bracket that came with the bumper. The problem is the bracket that came with the bumper (used with LEDs) does not work with the bumper. I found a fix for it and will post pics later.
  3. Trouble with Mopar 3 piece bumper

    Thanks for the photo! It is definitely missing the nut and the hole for it. Otherwise, I have all the brackets.
  4. Trouble with Mopar 3 piece bumper

    So here is what I have found. I swapped the stock piece (left) with the adapter piece (middle) to attach to bracket (right). Still missing a hole for the right bracket... bumper taken apart and the drilling will commence!
  5. Trouble with Mopar 3 piece bumper

    I ordered a 3 piece bumper with no fog lights because I was planning on reinstalling the stock ones. It looks like a hole is missing on the bumper to install the brackets. It has two holes horizontal but not one at the top. I’m debating just drilling the hole. Anyone else have this issue?
  6. WTB Dana 44 Front and Rear

    Looking for a set of rubicon axles with brakes included. Located in central Indiana.
  7. Tire upgrade

  8. Tire upgrade

    I have 285/70r17 duratracs on stock rims with no rubbing. They are slightly taller than stock so I guess it depends on if you have any room at all to go larger. They make 285/65r17 but your options of tire are extremely limited. Can't go any wider than 285 in your size range so take your pic. No...
  9. Uhaul won't rent a trailer if you have a soft top Jeep?

    I have tried and failed. Uhaul told me that soft tops were more likely to flip... I’m no mathmagition but I don’t see how.
  10. Sport with Rubicon suspension and leveling kit.

    I am actually picking up a rubi suspension tomorrow for $100 with the LCAs. I am told that the LCAs are the same for the rubis. However, I have also heard extended LCAs improve the alignment and reduce the chance of death wobble. I will be doing the work myself as it is relatively simple.
  11. Indiana

    Let’s make it happen! PM me next time you plan on making a trip.
  12. Indiana

    I have yet to go to the badlands but I’m planning on it!
  13. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    I was at Haspin Acres.
  14. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Took my stock JLUS out for some fun. As a first time Jeep owner, I never knew how capable it was in stock form. Can’t wait for the lift and tires!
  15. Giveaway Contest! Motor City Aftermarket Bumpers, Rock Rails, Tube Doors

    Great giveaway! It would be a tough choice between the front bumper and the sliders
  16. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Little unusual but today I hauled some 8’ wood from the local store... it can be done! Protect all surfaces with moving blankets and strapped down the wood. Makes a decent arm rest! Taking a chance in the event of an accident though.