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  1. Which hard top removal device would you recommend?

    I went the home brew route using 4 small straps and I made a spreader bar for the back using a 2x4 and 2 eye bolts. I can manage it easily myself but my wife can’t tackle the job solo 🤘😜
  2. Spring trip to Hidden Falls - April 3: pictures and video inside!

    72 blazer, are you taking the crawler or just the JL? i haven’t had my rig at k2 in 7-8 years, back in those days I felt like wolf caves had little more to offer.
  3. Rock Sliders: This or That....Opinions Wanted

    yessir Marks the man! I feel the very same way, I think most people want thier stuff ASAP and do not want the wait. To me the product is worth the wait🤘🏼 thank you, My wife picked them and I do like the way they paired with the black and matte red dash/logo
  4. Rock Sliders: This or That....Opinions Wanted

    I agree!! it may slightly help that I’m really good buddies with the owner here in houston🤘🏼
  5. Rock Sliders: This or That....Opinions Wanted

    We run shrockworks on my wife’s JL. I picked them because: ~They are a solid built product, something similar to what I’d build if these were not offered. - They are made locally and I’m all about that - They look nice to me, tuck well, and are an actual slider & my wife and kids benefit from...
  6. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    So far we’ve only been on the road with it so I can’t give you any details for off-road. But, ride and drive while it was on stock bfg ko2s was nearly identical to factory. It handled as a stock jl would on the lot, while on these 37s it rides slightly more stiff and I’m sure that’s because...
  7. JL Rubicon on Method Wheels...let's see em!

    That’s More of my style!! Thank you so much for the compliments, to be honest we had our doubts on these wheels. I am always looking here in Houston and I have yet to see another set, with that being said... they are AWESOME!!!!! I run Black methods on 2 of my other rides And These flat red...
  8. I screwed up buying 18" wheels

    We chose the Yokohama MT recently, I liked the lighter weight compared to the Big brands.
  9. I screwed up buying 18" wheels

    Unfortunately I have to agree with your statement. I recently bought a trail edition 5th gen four runner and it had 18s on it when we got it, I was never happy with that thing being on 18s. I am not a fan of 18s or anything larger for that matter, but my opinion is irrelevant. I hate to hear...
  10. PICS! Before and After Lift Pics!

    And on the 37s mentioned above
  11. PICS! Before and After Lift Pics!

    2.5”‘aev dualsport I Measured before and after I put it on and we gained 3.5” front 3.75” rear it rode great on the factory Tire’s, I mean for real blindfold me and i wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between stock springs. I will admit the load range D/ 8 ply 37s it’s on now did add...
  12. Anyone using Bogger tires for their daily driver?

    dude Any non radial tire will get them, it’s literally like a squared bottom edge. It would ride like it had squared tires at first, seeing others faces when it started out would be pretty epic at age 18.
  13. What else do you drive?

    The rubicon is my wife’s. I now daily my tow rig which is a 2007 Chevrolet 3500 duramax or my 93 Cummins. I also drive these, just not On the road: Rzr xp1000 and an old 84 suburban🤘🏼
  14. DIY Hardtop hoist ideas - brainstorming

    Here’s our simple setup using a rear spreader bar ( 2x4 with eye bolts ) and small Straps.
  15. Anyone using Bogger tires for their daily driver?

    Again Not boggers but they’re Interco and about as close as it gets.
  16. Anyone using Bogger tires for their daily driver?

    I ran tsl/sx years back on my k5 that was my daily in high school And I still run a set of 43”sx today on my OFF-ROAD Only rig. One major thing with non radial biased ply tires is they get “ flat spots” after sitting for a day or 2. This causes a real harsh ride until they get warm and smooth...
  17. Tony G's '18 Firecracker JLUR DD/Crawler Journal

    As mentioned above, amazing work with the wiring.
  18. What Vehicle did you have before the JL?

    Ours replaced a 2015 four runner trail edition