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  1. Uwharrie

    Yeah mine was one of the black ones with a custom plate there , mine was crosthrd and reaperjl was another. We were out at Jeep invasion and hit some more trails this saturday, and I think are planning to be in uwharrie again this coming saturday.
  2. Wanna run 40s-thoughts?

    If you are for sure set on the prorock 44 in the front I think they plan on doing a semi-float 5 lug rear again. I would say just go full 60's if you are swapping, For me it was a simple piece of mind.
  3. Stock Moab and Bead Locks

    100% this, take your jeep out stock and learn, take your time and have fun. Your first few times out make it a goal to use minimal throttle and focus on picking the best line you can. you should be able to go down to 13-15 psi with stock wheels, ant that will take you a lot of places.
  4. Uwharrie

    no, not at all, I have a full bellypan so any of that was protected. My height just kept getting me hung up, and after the parking lot situation I was a bit high on tire pressure. We broke more stuff then next day on 39, I think they have a video of that one as well. I linked it below, it was...
  5. Hidden Falls This Weekend

    I'll be moving down to the San antonio area in a couple months, would probably be down for a run, I want to get out and hit some parks down there, as long as we stay off the buggy lines.
  6. Uwharrie

    Thanks, Windrock is one of my favorite parks, very pretty and a ton of trails for every skill level. I guess I just got overbuilt for uwharrie, and it's close so I've been there a ton of times.
  7. Rear fender chop

    you just carefully rip it apart, it's plastic welded so it's a one way ticket.
  8. Uwharrie

    Honestly that pic makes things look way worse than they were, I was able to crawl that slow and have enough offset to keep me off the wall. while not the most technical trail I've done, I think waldens ridge at windrock was the hardest on the nerves. I was the black JL in there, on a mere...
  9. Just another Black Rubincon on UD60s and 40s

    Added a bunch of links, Still working on changing up the inital post as I have progressed way past what I thought I was going to do initially!
  10. Just another Black Rubincon on UD60s and 40s

    It's some areas on base we passed by when we were going fishing, My girlfriend does all the pics I can't take credit for that but she does a good job, thanks.
  11. Ready to buy my first lift! Quick question.

    I forgot about the 6 packs, they will do that. I would go other directions, but if flex is what you want they will do that. I actually ran my stock front shaft with a 4.5" lift and wheeled it pretty hard, but I also knew it was a time bomb.
  12. Just another Black Rubincon on UD60s and 40s

    Thanks! They are the factory cut rubicon flares, I cut a 1/2" slit in them and set in a cheap led strip. I made these before AAL released theirs. They really only look good in pictures, I need to take them back off and clean it up and find a way to put in a higher quality light and a flexible...
  13. Uwharrie

    I would go with the standard approach and do Rocky Mountain loop and backside of Daniel and see how you feel from there. the Front side of Daniel is the hard part, to do the back side you would make the turn off the rocky mountain loop connection and turn around when you get to the top of the...
  14. Dana 60 E locker locks as soon as you put in 4 wheel

    what was the fix on this ? just asking for my future reference.
  15. Ready to buy my first lift! Quick question.

    what makes you say you need a new driveshaft on 2.5" You really won't need it until 3.5+
  16. Recovery boards

    In theory the ARB TRED pros have a lifetime warranty.... I'm yet to test this theory though. As for spinning on the tracks I've found that most of my damage to mine doesn't come from me using them, but others spinning tires on them.
  17. Best suspension options for JL Rubicon Unlimited

    I belive they are linear and designed to work with the multi-rate springs vs the falcons being digressive and working better with a linear rate spring. they will ride better with the RK kit, but if you run a different spring, results may vary.