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  1. Question about Mopar flat tow wire harness operation.

    These posts were helpful:
  2. Which engine for Colorado passes?

    The 4xe electric range is very short. Will you experience much electric power?
  3. Minnesota HotHead Headliner for SOT

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  4. Denver 4x4 Shops

    That's tough! Yes you can order parts through them. I've found CORE to be unresponsive to email or messages on their Facebook business page, whereas DDG always gets back to me. Communication, DDG wins. CORE gives extremely good pricing however, so that may be more important and swings in their...
  5. Denver 4x4 Shops

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  6. Denver 4x4 Shops

    I've had experiences at Built4Fun, Dusty Dog Garage, All Seasons 4x4 and CORE Offroad. The experiences at Built4Fun and All Seasons 4x4 were not the greatest. I recommend CORE Offroad and Dusty Dog.
  7. Question about Mopar flat tow wire harness operation.

    I should have posted an update - I did figure that out. My problem with the harness was related to the Mopar instructions being wrong. Someone pointed it out in another thread and once the wires were swapped, all was well again.
  8. Colorado Set of 5 Rubicon Wheels / Tires / TPMS

    My apologies. I've updated the thread to show they've been sold.
  9. Filler Neck Adapter

    The short answer is yes. It needs to be a certain diameter to unlock the hinge door and allow the funnel neck through.
  10. Filler Neck Adapter

    Two scenarios that come to mind: 1) Using a gas nozzle on a diesel pump. 2) Using truck diesel. Although the nozzle will not fit inside the neck, you can slowly fill if desired.
  11. Colorado 2020 JLU Rubicon EcoDiesel Suspension JLURD $250 shipped

    It really is! 303StingGray, gimme another $50 😂
  12. Colorado 2020 JLU Rubicon EcoDiesel Suspension JLURD $250 shipped

    That looks incredible!! Very nice! I'm glad it worked out.
  13. JL Gorilla Glass Windshield Now Available (Via Hyperformance windshield by HGP)

    I made a mistake - it's the HTJ-003 one that I need. I'm on my second windshield though so I dunno if my original one had it or not. I thought it did, but this one definitely does not.
  14. Colorado 2020 JLU Rubicon EcoDiesel Suspension JLURD $250 shipped

    I'm flexible. I'll send you a PM to coordinate. Mine is a 2020 JLU Rubicon, steel bumpers, Sky One Touch. I do still have it. I'll send a message now.
  15. Colorado Rock Hard 4x4™ Patriot Series Tube Slider Rocker Guards RH-90104 4-door Angled Up

    Like new, used for about 3000 miles. $450 picked up in the Denver area. Product link: