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  1. Kentucky SOLD - FS: 5 x Wheels/Tires - 18" Wheels - 35" Tires - Kentucky

    For sale are my wheels/tires that I recently removed from my '18 JLUR to upgrade to 37s. The wheels are TIS543B, which are 18x10 wheels with the Monster claw logo in the cap. The wheels are balanced as I just took them off. Mounted tires are Cooper Discover AT3 - 35x12.50R18LT with plenty of...
  2. What Diode Dynamics Kit?

    All good, thanks brother. Appreciate the link!
  3. What Diode Dynamics Kit?

    There site says plastic or steel but I think that’s referring to the factory bumper, not an aftermarket bumper. I could be wrong and that’s why I’m asking here :)
  4. What Diode Dynamics Kit?

    Looking for new fog lights and not sure what kit to buy. I have a JLUR with an Smittybuilt XRC bumper. The kit on Quadratec says not for Rubicon with steel bumper but I’m assuming that’s for the factory kit.
  5. Moving from 35s to 37s

    By the way, here's a shot of the Jeep showing plenty of room for bigger tires :)
  6. Moving from 35s to 37s

    Thanks. That does look good. Looks like the same tire for 18" is about 80-100 more per tire than they are for 17" :(
  7. Moving from 35s to 37s

    Also, I'm not opposed to swapping wheels as well. I like the "more tire" look and moving to 17s might help with the look.
  8. Moving from 35s to 37s

    I currently have a '18 JLUR with 18" TIS 543B tires (-44mm offset) running Cooper Discover AT3 tires (M+S 35x12.50R18LT). I'm looking to have a slightly more aggressive look with some 37s but not sure what size tire I'd need or what tire. I've been thinking something like Nitto Ridge but don't...
  9. Hardtop Harness - Storage Receptacle Broken

    Haha. $1.60 for the part, $11.14 to ship :)
  10. Hardtop Harness - Storage Receptacle Broken

    Thank you so much. Had no idea what that would actually be called
  11. Hardtop Harness - Storage Receptacle Broken

    The receptacle where you store the wiring harness and washer fluid tube when the top is off has broken on my '18 JLUR. Anybody happen to know where I'd find the part number for this so I can order a new for my '18 JLUR? It's probably covered under warranty but I'd rather just order a $10 part...
  12. Kentucky Hardtop from '18 JLUR - Black textured

    For sale is my hardtop from my JLUR that I no longer need. I recently bought a painted top from a JLWF member and no longer need the black textured top. Great condition overall - used a TOp Lift Pro to take on/off and garage kept. Has a tiny chip (pictured) and one of the rear defrost cables...
  13. Sway bar disconnect

    Thanks for the info, folks. I'll keep on the eye on the sway bar links but it sounds like I don't have much to worry about.
  14. Want to hear from Tube Door owners

    Ha, yeah, that's a valid point. I was more thinking about keeping somebody out of the Jeep, haha
  15. Sway bar disconnect

    I'll be honest, I don't know. I believe they might but I'll verify and adjust. Thanks for the idea here.
  16. Want to hear from Tube Door owners

    I have the Warn doors and love them. Super heavy-duty and the doors have locks on them too (not really sure why you'd need them with tube doors, but they're there).
  17. Sway bar disconnect

    Interesting. With a new MC gamechanger kit installed, I'm afraid they'll laugh me out of the services department :)
  18. Hardtops - Are they interchangeable?

    Thanks. I had a strong feeling that was the case, but I just needed to confirm before driving far and dropping $ for a top that might not fit, haha.
  19. Sway bar disconnect

    After my suspension was installed, I have to slightly (like barely) rock the Jeep side to side before the sway bar disconnects or connects back. I don't recall needing to do this before but then again, I didn't disconnect it often. Is this pretty normal? (and yes, I'm on level ground - in my...
  20. Hardtops - Are they interchangeable?

    I'm assuming they are but are the hardtops pretty much the same for Saraha and Rubicon? I'm buying a new painted hard top and wanted to make sure there is no difference between my textured top and a painted top in regards to fitment and function.