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  1. For those of you that are in a 4-5 hour radius of Toledo - how long was the "shipping process"?

    My order is built and has a sticker. Ready for shipment, but no declared ETA. I was told by the dealer that it would be delivered by truck to SW Michigan. For those of you in this similar situation, how long did it usually take from ready to ship status, put on a truck in Toledo, and delivered?
  2. How did you decide on your engine?

    The engineers at Samsung in the battery department will tend to disagree with you.
  3. When are you using 4H and 4L on your Wrangler?

    I really hope that's the Canadian in you meaning KMH
  4. What in the world is going on in Toledo?

    It'll jump eventually. Mine sat in that status for 3-4 weeks
  5. Smell from the AC

    Here's what I've done on my TJ, VW GTI, Truck, etc and it's always worked: Run your AC however, and as long as you want. 30secs-1min before you turn off your car (pulling into your driveway coming home for example), turn off the AC and just run your vent blower (top and bottom) on one of the...
  6. Has anyone else been the victim of unprovoked road rage since having a Jeep

    You!.....YOU are my hero. We need more of this (I'm dead serious)
  7. No Squatting JL's in NC

    I honestly never heard of it...I must be getting old, and if that means getting old, then I'm OK with it. When I first read the title, I thought a "Carolina Squat" was something that you did on the way home after eating bad Mexican food
  8. Why so much hate for angry eyes grilles?

    I think this has been beat to death already ....and the answer is that it's because it's the dumbest thing put on the front of a vehicle since the introduction of headlight eyelashes. To me, it instantly indicates the intelligence level of the driver.
  9. (unseated) fuses?

    Any particular reason?
  10. Would you switch to a jt?? Why, or why not?

    My wife made the switch from a TJ to a JT. I recently sold my TJ and have a 2-door JL on the way. I think we have the best of both worlds. I really dig the JT. We just had the opportunity to remove the top/doors since we got it late last year. I like it more and more. We don't need a...
  11. Pine tar... Now what?

    And get it off ASAP. Pine Pitch absolutely loves to eat through clearcoat.
  12. Waiting on a special order Wrangler?

    Thanks! Been checking mine on Cryptostickers and nothing. I got the VIN from my dealer right after he placed the order on 5/1. I'm not checking with Jeep Chat too often...just about once a week. Finally...after no movement for the last 3-4 weeks I was told that it was in "inspection"...
  13. Waiting on a special order Wrangler?

    Out of curiosity, did your progress show up on the tracker used here in the forum (cryptostickers)?