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  1. JL FOB Holsters

    Negative ghost rider
  2. JL FOB Holsters

    Received mine this weekend, wow! I know it’s just a fob holster but the quality exceeds expectations as does the presentation, this is an awesome product and the craftsmanship appears to be outstanding...... This is easily worth more then I paid and IMHO Mark should be charging more for these.
  3. FCA double charging for LED taillights

    You get a discount when you select both, so it’s not double charged, it might not show it online, but my dealer showed me how it was applied
  4. JL FOB Holsters

    Its funny, its just a bad ass a key fob holster but I find my self waiting with crazy anticipation of receiving it...Glad I got in quickly looks like orders are stacking up, Im not surprised, awesome looking craftsmanship and functional as well.
  5. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    Same issue here, I’ve owned 7 Wranglers so I’m well aware it’s not normal.... I’ve got 6000 miles on mine, I’ve been waiting things out hoping for a fix to pop up, I’ll be having the dealer look at it next week.
  6. JL FOB Holsters

    I ordered one, Mark was easy to deal with, I have no doubt the craftsmanship will be top notch when I get it!
  7. JLUS Missing plastic cap over windshield wiper

    It’s a buck from your parts department, just have someone order it.
  8. Brake failure

    Young kid, distracted driving, ABS activated....I’m glad they are fine, but I think you’ll find the brake failure thing to be untrue, sure it’s easy to cast blame with the other issues you have had and it also lets the kiddo off the hook.. but, I think it’ll end up just being an
  9. Who makes these grilles?

  10. Jl aftermarket tax is getting ridiculous!!!!!!

    Really? When flat screen TVs came out they were a mint also, now they are essentially free.... prices will come down over the next few years, early adopters pay a premium with pretty much everything.... by this time next year things will be Looking up, very few companies have viable products for...
  11. JL FOB Holsters

    I’ll take one exactly as pictured can I order, I didn’t see it on your site. Thanks! Justin
  12. JL FOB Holsters

    I’ll order one as soon as it’s available
  13. Anyone else go for the Rubicon over Sport S....just because?

    I can only speak for my rationale, but Ive never been a Sahara guy, and no that isn't a bash it is a great package...but to me, I prefer to have a more rugged overall build with the wrangler and the way I would option a Sahara and then have to add an aggressive tire/wheel package it wouldn't...
  14. Anyone else go for the Rubicon over Sport S....just because?

    I’ve had a ton of Wranglers, but until now I hadnt owned a Rubi, I don’t need one, but I wanted one and I found myself changing stuff on my old rigs to mirror what is available on the Rubicon.... This time around it wasnt a question, loaded out Rubi and I have zero regrets, it was certainly the...
  15. Proximity Door Locks - aftermarket

    No it’s not, I do really enjoy the proximity option though.... if you think you really want it change your order now and don’t regret it later.
  16. Rubicon ***SOLD*** Stock Rubi Tires - $400 for all 5 - 4400 miles

    If you were closer I’d buy them in a heartbeat
  17. Are you leaving your "Wrangler Unlimited" stickers on your jeep?

    Took them off, looks much cleaner IMHO
  18. Canadians having second thoughts?

    Uhhhh have fun with that.... and the national security threat is if an entire sector of production is decimated in any country leaving that country unable to provide for itself in a sector that is vital to national secruity... not that Canada is a threat directly in a militarily sense..... and...
  19. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Yeah ok, mine was built in February.... no issues.