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  1. Sun shade

    I don't remember the rail sitting on any straps, but there isn't tons of room between the straps and the rails. I had to do the same as you for the GPCA grab handle. The extra fabric had to be tucked under to fit. I also have a side sun visor attached, coming from my JK. I wasn't able to install...
  2. Sun shade

    Sure here is how it looks. Let me know if you want to have a look at something specific. It's been a while since I installed it. I don't remember any issues at install other than having to remove the sunrider, which I thought I could leave on. I looked at the straps going to the sound bar...
  3. Sun shade

    I have been running the sunrider for hardtop and the Jtops bikini sun shade for almost two years, no issue. Where have you heard they were incompatible?
  4. When will the new website be up?

    Yeah... Ended up buying Jtops in April. Too bad I liked their designs
  5. When will the new website be up?

    Just wondering when the new website will be up? It's been what 2-3 weeks since the site changed to opening soon. I'll be ordering a sun shade shortly and it's going to be either an Alien or a Jtopsusa. Looking forward being able to compare prices, color and design :) Thanks.
  6. Sneak Peek: Springtail JL / JLU Super Long Dash RAM Mount

    This is pretty cool, but the one thing that scares me with these type of mount is: what happens in a car crash? Will it stay in place or fly in the driver's and passenger's face?
  7. What was your previous daily driver?

    I had an awesome black 2015 JK Sport (base model, crank widows and all, but auto, with AC and hardtop). I traded it for a 2017 Ford Escape SE before my daughter was born. While it was OK and better adapted for my new situation, it sucked. As soon as the order bank opened for the 2.0L Turbo, I...
  8. JL Retractable Sunshade

    As far as I can tell, the R&D is done. Looks at this video from last year: It starts at 11:43. It should start there automatically.
  9. USB Annoying Playback

    My 8" resume USB playback where I left it off. I'll have to check, it might have been an option. Hopefully FCA does not consider this a premium feature, this would be pretty stupid.
  10. Under the front seat storage - options

    For the rear seat, I have been using Dirt Bagz ( They are expensive, but well made. Other members on the forum found cheaper bags of similar size on Amazon. You may want to review these two...
  11. Under the front seat storage - options

    I use Bestop RoughRider Underseat Organizer ( They mainly showcase it as backseat storage, but it works in both location. You have to remove the side plastic piece that keep the shape, otherwise it does not fit. I would...
  12. 18 Sahara vs 19 Sahara

    There is also the the light dome that changed in 2019. The 4 lights around the middle one now lights up when the doors are opened (
  13. How does everyone mount their cell phones?

    You may want to give this a look:
  14. JL Retractable Sunshade

    Difficult or not, they have already done it and have been teasing it for a year now. Here is a video dating back from May last year made by Quadratec at the Bestop office where they demo the sunshade: Edit: It starts at 11:43. It should start there automatically.
  15. Poll addiction! Have you "downgraded"?

    I had a JK Sport (base with crank window and all) and moved to a JLU Sahara. No Rubicon for me, but it was a massive upgrade. I do not have any need for a Rubicon and wanted the Selec-Trac transfer case. Had it been available on the Rubi, not sure which I would have taken (assuming the price...
  16. Lets see em' - Sunrider for JL on your Jeep

    While I get it, you guys need to stop teasing what looks like finished products months or a year in advance. It create false hope to people just begging to send money your way. I was waiting on it, but will not wait the entire summer just like I did with the sunrider for hardtop.
  17. 67 Designs RAIL now available for the JL

    I believe it's the other way around. I have both the 67 rail and the vector ball, but had to buy flat nuts so it fits in the rail. The one that comes with is too thick. The flat nut that comes with the 67 ball should fit on the vector rail though.
  18. Dominion OffRoad Products Thread

    I think this is the product he is refering to and I don't believe it fits a JL. Edit: This is assuming you are refering to the under rear seat bags.
  19. JL ** SUNRIDER FOR HARDTOP ** BESTOP (Video and Photos)

    Agreed, had it been a factory option, vs. the the freedom panel, I would have taken the sunrider. As for the Sky Power Soft Top (had to go on the builder to get the option name :P), short of the price, my main gripe is that it only comes body colored. I much prefer the textured black that I...
  20. Most obvious differences- JK to JL

    Confort-wise, I would say it's divided. I was a bit more confortable in my JK and it seemed a lot better for taller folks, but tons of people have reported their JL to be confortable. As far as the interior goes, short of confort, most people seem to agree it looks more modern and more...