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  1. Pick 3. Which 2021 colors would you VOTE off the island for 2022?

    To only pick 3, I'd vote to pitch Sting-Grey, Chief, and Hellayella. I agree that there are enough neutral colors and the silver could go but I'd still get rid of the those three to keep them as a specialty colors. Rotate them back into the line-up in 4-6 years as you rotate other colors out.
  2. Seat Cover Suggestions?

    I posted somewhere else but if you don't like that promo on the back of the headrest and are worried about the stitching holes, you could always remove the rubber patch and add some velcro on the back in its place. Then, you can always add whatever patch you want or it wouldn't look bad...
  3. PRP Seat Covers

    I don't have a problem with this on mine but you could probably just cut off the strings that the rubber patch is sewn on with and sew on a velcro patch in its place. That would hide the original stitching holes and you could then put on whatever patch you want in its place. Or it wouldn't...
  4. 2022 Rubicons will come with optional 35s, beadlocks, upgraded tire carrier

    I can only imagine if they come with wider flares, as if the front flares aren't already wide enough. eta. And Goodyear makes an MT/R 35" in load range C, too. They could go back to that tire on the Rubicon package.
  5. 2022 Rubicons will come with optional 35s, beadlocks, upgraded tire carrier

    SOBs should have been doing this from the beginning of JL production!
  6. PRP Seat Covers

    As for water and stain resistant, I would say very high. By nature, they are pretty easy to wipe off and not get much water through them and also not leaving water marks or stained. If I have spilled something on them, I normally wipe with a wet towel or paper towel and I'm good. For the seat...
  7. 21 JL first outing, what did i do wrong?

    I get what you are saying but I think that one of the points on the other side is that with the amount of tech that they are packing in the new Jeeps, it gives many of the newbies a false sense of confidence and reliance on that tech. The problem comes when that false sense of confidence gets...
  8. 21 JL first outing, what did i do wrong?

    I would recommend anyone who has bought a Jeep Wrangler, especially a Rubicon, sign up for a Jeep Jamboree or some similar event. Sure, they are expensive but they are fun and the guides normally go overboard to make everyone feel welcome and work hard teach the newbies about their rig and...
  9. 21 JL first outing, what did i do wrong?

    It probably just seemed like you had none because of the extra torque on the wheels if you had pretty good traction. When you shift to 4 lo, you are increasing your torque advantage by multiplying on top of what is already pretty high with the engine torque and the axle gears increase it even...
  10. Nitto Trail Grapplers 35 width with no lift?

    One option that you might have if you want to keep with the Nitto Trail Grappler makes a 35x11.5x17, which will better fit on the stock wheels and might rub a little less. Of course, they are still a bit heavy at 72.5 lbs each but might ride a bit better being a load range C tire.
  11. Junkyard Axle swap

    That's a really nice looking build. I especially love that front bumper and its on my future goals list. Not many people that I've seen either like it or have what it takes to commit to that one.
  12. Picked Up My 392 Yesterday!

    I don't necessarily agree with your assessment. Typically load range C tires will allow your tire to air down more effectively, giving both a better contact patch and allowing the sidewall to flex better and wrap around the hard obstacle, which can often prevent sidewall puncture at least as...
  13. PRP Seat Covers

    It looks like they have gone up to $349 at Quadratec. I normally look at the vendors/manufacturers site but I found $319 a pretty good deal a few months ago for these since I was getting pretty simple pattern and standard looking (extremely similar as stock Rubicon covers) covers. In this...
  14. Winches on Mall Crawlers?

    That sort of thing happened to a buddy's Jeep.
  15. Winch hook vs thimble

    Even if I were inclined to choose a 55 product, I'd have a hard pass on this. I haven't seen much that Smittybilt copies from other manufactures on that they don't use cheap, inferior methods to reproduce. Sometimes cheap and inexpensive isn't really saving.
  16. Anyone modify their tailgate hinges with Under Cover or the Red Rock?

    Check the carrier from Rusty's. It includes the bracket as well and no doubt uses more quality materials.
  17. Oracle Led Reverse Light

    I've been around off road vehicles for a while and I know that is often the case but thanks for responding to confirm that.
  18. Oracle Led Reverse Light

    For those of us who are considering these lights, what steps are being taken to ensure that this isn't happening for future sales pieces? Or are these considered to be not indicative of the standard experience. I would hate to purchase these with even the expectation that this is a 50/50...
  19. Anyone modify their tailgate hinges with Under Cover or the Red Rock?

    The issue isn't just on the hinges. The tailgate has the potential to flex as well when enough weight is hanging off the back of it, which is why the plate is also entirely relevant here. That is also why most systems are a one piece that include both for support. In the case of UCF, they...