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  1. WTF Jeep?

    Maybe add a solar panel on the roof when yer not goin topless.
  2. How did you decide on your engine?

    I'm sure you understand.........I'd hope at least.
  3. How did you decide on your engine?

    3.6 for me because it's proven & that's all I need in a Jeep anyway, it's not a racecar. Plus I want a real Jeep & they all have manual transmissions in them. No 2.0T because it's a 4 cyl & a turbo. No diesel because of vehicle price, same for the 392. And lastly, NO "E" motors for me until...
  4. Whats Your Other ride?

    2019 Chevy Trail Boss
  5. No Squatting JL's in NC

    Yep, I'm that old. I remember Soylent Green :) But, it has, in the form of the fake meat BS instead of REAL meat.
  6. No Squatting JL's in NC

    This world has gone to hell.
  7. Dealer sent pic of my new muddy JLR

    There are some dumb ass posts on here. If it was special ordered then nobody should be test driving it, period. A lot porter or salesman may need to move it. But all new vehicles have a few miles on them at least. Has anyone every saw 1 or zero miles?? And, was it supposed to be detailed...
  8. Dealer sent pic of my new muddy JLR

    Train, truck then a parking lot. Normal, they'll detail it.
  9. Quadratec

    I love Qaudratech. Always prompt with anything I've ordered.
  10. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    So far so good. No real off roading yet just over 500 miles on the Jeep anyway. Road noise isn't bad, about what you'd expect. They ride pretty good as I keep them at 32 lbs. I will probably drop that some this weekend. Summit Racing hooked me up, they advertised that they were in stock...
  11. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    She went topless for the first time. I'm lovin' this JEEP!!
  12. What tire pressure are you running your 35's at?

    I have mine at 32 psi for road driving. Rides decent.
  13. Dealer playing with finance terms

    This is VERY uncommon in any case if what we've read is accurate. I've bought more cars than I can count & I sell them for a living also. The OP is dealing with either a bunch of dumbasses or serious crooks. I'd bet the former, just saying this one is far out there for sure. There are many...
  14. Dealer playing with finance terms

  15. Dealer playing with finance terms

    Something doesn't add up. They can't do any of that.
  16. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Thanks! Mopar 2" lift. Mickey Thompson Baja Boss 35x12.5x17 MT tires. American Racing Wheels 17x9, -12offset, 4.5 B/S I had a vision long before I ordered any of it. 17" is where it's at IMO. I don't care for 20's. Maybe go with 37's someday but some guts need to be added underneath first.
  17. Anyone ordered a Jeep Wrangler in the last two months from the factory? How long did it take before you got your jeep?

    March 15th to April 10th, 26 days. Took damn near as long to get wheels & tires I wanted. Lovin' it!!