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  1. Took my JLUR for oil change and advised to do lube for brakes

    When it comes to wrangler I always do that kinda mistakes because I am emotionally attached to this car, I think I have to put my things together haha
  2. Took my JLUR for oil change and advised to do lube for brakes

    I went to the dealer for an oil change and tire rotation. I didn't know about the oil amount thing and it really pisses me off, the dealer did oil change last time too, and I have been driving it like that for 10000km now. Do you know how I can prove to them that they are put way over the limit...
  3. Took my JLUR for oil change and advised to do lube for brakes

    omg, I have done my previous oil change with them and they did the same thing..where I can find information about the amount of oil, so I can show it to them
  4. Took my JLUR for oil change and advised to do lube for brakes

    No I didn’t get new tires and have no clue why they mentioned that in the paper
  5. Took my JLUR for oil change and advised to do lube for brakes

    thanks! I don’t know why they mention it but I didn’t get new tires
  6. Took my JLUR for oil change and advised to do lube for brakes

    My wrangler is at 20000km (V6 3.6) and took it for a second oil change today. They told me doing lube thingy for breaks once a year is good, it is kinda required. I know almost nothing about that stuff so I wonder if I got tricked lol. Also, they charged $180 CAD (~$135 USD ) for only this lube...
  7. 2020 Jl fuel efficiency

    Hey, it is on 8,000 km right now and still the same, even worse, when I do 4wd on heavy snowy days. I figured it happens because I am doing almost 98% city driving with tons of red lights and stop signs. (and it is same for everyone - shame on FCA that gives misinformation about city driving...
  8. 2020 JLUR steering issue

    Yeah, I was surprised as well. I was hopping 2020s will have updated stuff but looks like they don't
  9. 2020 JLUR steering issue

    I will ask the dealer to provide me with the current part number. the production date is - 25th August 2019
  10. 2020 JLUR steering issue

    Today my dealer told me that I have updated trackbar but the steering box not the updated one it should be changed, they will change it soon. He said all the wranglers build around the same date have the same issue
  11. 2020 Jl Engine issue?

    Thank you very much! I have an appointment with them almost every 2 weeks, one of them is in 3 days, I will try to get an emergency appointment
  12. 2020 JLUR steering issue

    @Brandon3333 cylinder = 6 MDH = 082515 Plant: W Mine have a bunch of other defects (defective sealing that goes one door to other door, defective freedom panel, unaligned parts, and stuff ) and kinda steering issue
  13. 2020 JLUR steering issue

    folks are in US lucky, I live in Canada and there is no one to protect our rights. The dealership, consumer rights and stuff are pretty bad here :/
  14. 2020 Jl Engine issue?

    Sorry, I may sound very stupid, I have 0 knowledge about car mechanics and stuff (thanks FCA for producing under quality stuff, after owning wrangler I learn a lot! (6-8 defects identified so far on my brand new rubicon) :D ). I was trying to google my issue I am not even sure what kinda...
  15. worst gas mileage?

    I live in Canada so I use a Metric setting when the car is in idling my current shows 99, when i change it to US settings it shows 0. I am still haven't been able to find an answer to it
  16. 2020 Jl fuel efficiency

    I was taking pictures and realized when it is on 100l/km current is 99. But when setting is on mpg current is 0. Anyone can explain why?
  17. 2020 Jl fuel efficiency

    Wow it is amazing, how often do you drive on highway? ( Mine 95% city driving)
  18. 2020 Jl fuel efficiency

    I used the jeep calculation
  19. 2020 Jl fuel efficiency

    wow it sounds like what dealers told me can be right for my case as well, I kinda feel like mine also is getting better but not too much. Lets see. Thanks for sharing your experience!
  20. 2020 Jl fuel efficiency

    3.6 V6 (auto)/ everything is stock / I am a bit kind, it is my first Jeep and also bigger car, I am not sure it is normal or not but when I start from red light, or do left or right turn, even when I go uphill, I feel like I have to push gas more and I defiantly feel car is kinda hustling to get...