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  1. JLU Willys 37s no lift.

    -12 offset, you may be able to run 35s no lift. You may need to modify the inner fenders, or maybe pick up some aftermarket ones that give more clearance. Obviously 37s are possible no lift, but you'd need flat fenders to fit them.
  2. JLU audio build

    A very short demo of what these 2 shallow 400 watt subs can do in the jeep.
  3. My simple audio build...

    Cool stuff man. I had also considered using the factory enclosure, but came to the conclusion as well that it just wasn't suited. A custom box, tuned to the specific driver is definitely the way to go. You may be able to run a single 10tw3 in a custom ported box that wouldn't stick out as far on...
  4. Replacement Audio System Questions (Upgrade from Alpine)

    Wait, you didn't just twist the speaker wires together, right? What I was referring to requires a device to safely combine these amplified signals together. It is referred to as a signal summing device.
  5. Tailgate vents

    So a little redneck engineering here, ugly but it works. Cheap scotch Brite slit and slid in under the vent flaps. They function, but land quietly now. Rubber would've been ideal, but I didn't have any laying around unfortunately.
  6. Head gasket?

    Thanks guys, took some stress off.
  7. Factory 7" radio speaker/sound upgrades

    Thank you, it sounds insanely good. Not for the faint of heart or light of wallet though unfortunately lmao
  8. Replacement Audio System Questions (Upgrade from Alpine)

    This is what I was referring to previously when I said that the factory amp processes the sound and will only send certain frequencies to individual speakers. That main plug is only carrying midrange frequencies, so you won't hear any high notes. This is the same reason that you can't need the...
  9. Under seat powered subs??

    You need what is called a Line output converter. This will convert signal from speaker wire into RCA outputs for a sub amp. Splice into the rear sound bar speaker wires. If you don't wish to cut the speaker wire, you could use something like these...
  10. Factory 7" radio speaker/sound upgrades

    How deep do you feel like going?
  11. First Duck!!!!! (and second)

    I got my first a few days ago in a besy buy parking lot lol.
  12. What Modifications should I put on my jeep?

    I'd say lower it, 26 inch rims and 32 inch tires. Underglow, fart cannon. Maybe spinners. In all seriousness, make the jeep yours. Don't do what everybody else does. Look around online, find what you like. Mall crawlers get hate, big wheels get hate, but the reality is that's what makes jeeps...
  13. JLU audio build

    So far so good temp wise
  14. Replacement Audio System Questions (Upgrade from Alpine)

    No it doesn't matter, it just won't do anything.
  15. JLU audio build

    Thew some quick bed liner on the box and got the rear cleaned up. Doesn't look halt bad imo. You'd never know all those amps and wiring were behind that sub panel.
  16. Replacement Audio System Questions (Upgrade from Alpine)

    You do not need the capacitor. The factory amp crosses the signal over, only higher frequencies are sent to the dash speakers anyway. Assuming you have the alpine factory system.
  17. Tire/wheels question

    Run flat fenders and you can fit up to 37s no lift or rub.
  18. Tire advice

    I'm on 37s and I didn't need to regear. One of the heaviest 37s too. I basically have a 7 speed now, but it drives fine otherwise.
  19. Tire advice