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  1. Going topless and not have anything stolen

    I leave a 20 on the passenger seat and hide in the back with a lead pipe. My dash cam takes video. I'll have to upload a highlight reel someday.
  2. 3.6L ESS Aux Battery Bypass

  3. Engine warming up very quickly

    I think it heats up so fast because of the catalytic converters. It's been running a tad warm so I might go to 5w20. Heated steering wheel is hottttt! I never turn it on until it's under 20f.
  4. What are these buttons?

    Spouse ejection seat
  5. Cyclone Bomb vs. Sky One-Touch Power Top

    Thank goodness for Obamacare!
  6. Dual Battery Questions

    Get a good one, open the hood, and attach to battery
  7. Cyclone Bomb vs. Sky One-Touch Power Top

    It is. Especially when the putz in the Camry hits you head on. For more fun just unbuckle your lap belt and draw a target on the inside of the windshield.
  8. Cyclone Bomb vs. Sky One-Touch Power Top

    Curious why you were on the road during this event
  9. Dealer Appointments, why??

    My dealer has a nice lady who gives me a massage if its warranty work. Service delivered with a happy ending.
  10. Freedom top storage?

    Sounds like my ex
  11. Freedom top storage?

    Not at all. You can toss your tools right on top.
  12. Windshield washer fluid.

    Shortage right now til they kill more smurfs.
  13. Anyone found drivable emergency rain top for JL yet

    Saw them in Quadratec catalog.
  14. BUYER BEWARE: FCA Will Lie To Win

    Safety issues and defects arent normal. THAT should NEVER be a Jeep thing.
  15. Super simple way to disable stop-start

    Hit the button!! Geezus.