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  1. Could a 4th roof option be...

    I would love it if the existing hard top could be engineered to have integrated handles. It's not so much the weight but the awkwardness and sharp edges.
  2. Solid Solutions to Rear Window Defrost Cable?

    We had one of the contacts pop off. Our dealership used a conductive adhesive (Frost Fighter). So far so good.
  3. Front or Rear - Which Tires Wear Faster? Rotation Advice

    Lots of good insight. Thanks again. Primarily a daily driver for my wife with mostly city and occasional county and highway driving. No drag racing or hard cornering for us. As suggested I‘ve noted the current tread depth and will use that as a baseline for future comparisons.
  4. Front or Rear - Which Tires Wear Faster? Rotation Advice

    Going in for a oil change tomorrow and a tire rotation is part of a promotion. Trying to decide if I should rotate the tires. We’ve done done two 5 tire rotations up to this point and I’m drawing a blank on how the tires have worn. We’ve got 8/32 on the fronts and 7/32 on the rears (9/32 on...
  5. Looking for side mirrors for door-less driving. Soooo many options out there

    We’ve got Lange Coyote mirrors and couldn’t be happier. Easy to install. Simple to use. No vibration or noise. Very pleased with their performance.
  6. Who has their top down?

    Topless and doorless.....
  7. Recommend Mileage for Brake Service?

    Service includes an inspection and lubrication of pins I'm told. I've elected to hold off until the 32,000km mark indicated into manual.
  8. Recommend Mileage for Brake Service?

    Service department is recommending brake service at 20,000kms / 12500 miles. Looking for confirmation on the best time for this service. Thanks
  9. Soft Top Wear Normal? Caused by Faulty Top pr Frame?

    Lots of bounce with our soft Top Down last year and used bungie cords to hold it down. Still had some wear... first picture. The dealer was able to get me a replacement top under warranty. While waiting for the new top I wanted to try to confirm the issue was with the top and not the...
  10. Soft Top Storage Bag(s)

    We've ordered the Dual Top Package. There was a bag for the Freedom Panels and a bag for storing the soft top when it's off the Jeep. Needed to order the Soft Top Window bag.
  11. Best doorless side mirrors?

    Another vote for the Lange Coyote mirrors. Easy installation and no vibration.
  12. Does the Frame Need to be on Jeep to Replace Soft Top Fabric?

    I am having my Premium soft top fabric replaced under warranty.. The dealer has stored the fabric over the winter. As winter turns to spring (slowly) I'm trying to plan switching out the hard top for the soft top and coordinating with the service department to replace the fabric. When I...
  13. Mopar All Weather Floor Mats Drain Sealing

    I ordered the plugs through he dealership's parts department. Mopar Part # 68194821AA
  14. Mopar All Weather Floor Mats Drain Sealing

    I ordered two more of the floor drain plugs and placed them in the floor and in the mats. The mats raise slightly over the plugs but it not noticeable if someone didn't know better.
  15. Clicking Sound When Turning

    I've got a clicking sound from the left front corner when turning right. Any suggestions? The service department has not been unable to fix it. No lift or suspension mods - all stock. Thanks for any suggestions.
  16. Soft top window storage

    Has any one found or come up with a way to store the windows in the Jeep with the back seats up and useable?
  17. Soft top window storage

    I had them run the part number at one of my local dealerships and although it checks out as a recognized parts number it was listed as discontinued. The parts department called a Chrysler Canada contact and was told the supplier went out of business.
  18. Soft top window storage

    Please disregard my previous post. I zoomed in on the pictures and saw that the bag can hang behind the seats.