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  1. LED Turn Signals

    I have the turn signal bulbs for my ‘18 JLU Sport.......but the light does not extend the full width of the lense itself. The YouTube shows it nice and bright like factory LEDs but your bulbs are not like that in mine. I’ve checked again and again and the bulbs are in correctly. Should I not...
  2. Texas 2018 Rubicon Steel Front Bumper with Bull Bar and Skid Plate

    Still for sale? I’m in Houston...
  3. Texas JLUR Steel Front Bumper For Sale

    Hello, Is this still for sale? I’m in Houston and interested, thanks!
  4. Texas Plenty of JLU 2018+ takeoffs for sale. South Austin TX.

    Hello there, Wondering about the price for the hitch and head unit? Thank you
  5. Texas 2018+ JL Sahara factory oem Fenders (RED)

    Hi there, I’m in Houston and was wondering if these were still for sale?
  6. Texas Oracle Sport LED Fog Light

    Hey there, Curious as to why you’re selling? I was looking at these for my JLU. Thoughts? I’m in Houston and may be interested.
  7. Best sounding JL comes from muffler delete

    Did the same with Dynomax delete
  8. Best sounding JL comes from muffler delete

    Been thinking about the AFE as well. Love to hear more thoughts on it / feelings / opinions.
  9. Dynomax muffler delete

    **UPDATE** Pulled the trigger and bought it. Came almost 2 weeks early which was a nice surprise. Had it for a week and really liking it. Got a little rattle going on so may have go back under and check again but other than its great!
  10. Dynomax muffler delete

    Hey Brett, Just ordered mine the other day. Didn’t even think about the emissions test though. Since we’re both Texas boys, has your JL failed or passed the test? Or has it not been time yet? Thanks!
  11. Texas FS: 2019 Rubicon Front Bumper, Upper/Lower Covers, New Condition

    Morning! I’ll take it if its still available! PM sent

    Hi Jbell - Do you a list of all the parts you’re selling? If not no worries :)
  13. Texas Rubicon rock rails - Houston

    Thanks! Are there pics? Also - what’s the condition and do they come with the hardware?
  14. So, it’s hot in Texas today...

    Very, very true. Yesterday I work up early and was going to take the tops off but then remembered the triple digit forecast for the next several days.
  15. Texas JLU Sahara Side Steps & Rubicon Rock Rails for Sale

    Hey Mike - rocks rails still available? If so, do you have pics?
  16. Texas Rubicon rock rails - Houston

    Thanks! Please do