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  1. Delays in production/delivery to Ontario, Canada

    My dealer said 4 months and was just about spot on....just off by two weeks. My JLUR was built June 1st and delivered to the dealer by the 4th, then into my hands on the 7th. Glad it's over. I'll get a picture up when I get a chance. Edit.....just did. :)
  2. Average Delivery time in Canada

    I also have one on it's way. 👍
  3. Delays in production- wranglers

    17 weeks for me so far. I have no VIN or any other thing to report. Dealer said he hopes he can get it for me before the end of summer.
  4. Anyone know what this color is - Tuscadero Pearl Coat ?

    It's a brave color...that's for sure. Another reference showing the code PHP.
  5. 1752 Km and check engine light already - really Jeep!?

    It would be helpful if you provided some details like the engine you have.
  6. Delays in production/delivery to Ontario, Canada

    I personally feel for the folks who work in Toledo. I've gone to a manufacturing job each and every day during Covid. It has left me feeling unappreciated and undervalued. I've recieved no special pay or recognition as other professions have. Toledo workers deserve something for their...
  7. Delays in production/delivery to Ontario, Canada

    Oh shit.
  8. Big price increases??

    Online pricing has jumped considerably here in Canada as well for existing units.
  9. Delays in production/delivery to Ontario, Canada

    Well, ain't he special. Must know somebody at FCA. ;)
  10. Canadian 2021 JLUR Order & Price

    South Oakville Chrysler......not on my list.......ever. 💩
  11. Chip shortage might close Jeep plant in May.....doesn't affect Wranglers!

    Nothing to see here.....move along. For some reason I thought this was Toledo North. My bad. :facepalm:
  12. Chip shortage might close Jeep plant in May.....doesn't affect Wranglers!

    Article posted today at This won't be good. :( LINK Edit.....changed thread title!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Housing Market

    Not to be political, but a 20% tariff slapped on Canadian lumber a few years back has caused this. Biden knocked it back to 8.9%....but the mills shutdown in the mean time. Add Covid on top of that.....and you know the rest. Maybe Canada should trade lumber for Vaccine shots.
  14. Canadian 2021 JLUR Order & Price

    This could be any dealer in Canada if too much time goes by. It's all in the way we buy things. You don't pay until the moment you receive it. If you payed upfront....then things would be different. Outside of this topic.....manufactures are facing rising costs due to the rising material...
  15. Canadian 2021 JLUR Order & Price

    No credible dealer will screw over a client for a few bucks...but FCA would and likely has in this case. Just so you know, under the terms and conditions section (4) is stated "The manufacturer may change our price of new vehicles without notice...yada yada yada small talk....we may...
  16. Black grills

    Interesting that Jeep installed the larger Gladiator style grill inserts. What engine option did you get?
  17. Average Delivery time in Canada

    You figure, Jeep opened the flood gates November 12th and 17th 2020 respectively for the 4XE and 392's. That just created a massive backlog at that moment and occupied the line with new build issues/stoppages plus Covid......and that doesn't even address parts shortages/holds for all other...
  18. Average Delivery time in Canada

    The same dealer has a Snazzberry Sahara Unlimited. For me it's just missing that stance that only a Rubicon provides. Too much black with no other contrasting colors make this color a bit janky without the correct trim.
  19. Average Delivery time in Canada

    I went to a very local Jeep dealer on the way home tonight to see just what Snazzberry looked like on a Rubicon Gladiator.....and it looks perhaps the best that I've personally seen on a JT(I might be slightly biased however). For what you ordered, maybe you might just want to wait this out a...
  20. What will be the new 2022 “options” included to get us to upgrade

    Add the two factor security software upgrade and make it available to all previous model year JL's similar to Scat Pack or SRT Chargers and Challengers. LINK.