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  1. Rain / Overnight Cover - Topless

    Have you looked at Master tops summer combo? Have one love it; been caught in rain all over and it's been alright. Driven highway speeds on highway in rain and didn't get wet. I travel with summer combo on, bring tarp and bungee cords and throw tarp over at night (do not drive with tarp on)...
  2. Aftermarket Rims / Wheels

    Is that the MOPAR 2in?
  3. Installed new leather interior

    So say I wanted to do this to my JLUR, given that you own a shop, what kind of cost range are we talking?
  4. Aftermarket Rims / Wheels

    Hey, from research I have done on these forums, again some experts on here will know far more than me, is all over place. I have read steel has some advantages when off roading, such as being able to reshape in worst case scenario. Have also read on these forums that rotary forged are the...
  5. California 1995 Mitsubishi Jeep J55 Turbodiesel right drive ??

    Came across this right drive: 1995 Mitsubishi Jeep J55 turbo diesel with 1k on speedo. Apparently imported Japan this year (2020). Anybody have any info/background/experience with such a vehicle? Foreign jeep contracts??
  6. Aftermarket Rims / Wheels

    What relocation kit did you go with?
  7. floor carpet removal + interior rhino spray lining

    Love the tub cover; will be looking into it. Good to now about VOC zero. One thing I failed to mention was for about a week after install there was some minor annoyance with smell; think like walking into freshly painted room. No lightheadedness or any other symptoms. I installed on summer and...
  8. Are Yeti coolers worth the $$?

    To update- took RTIC 110 on 10-day backcountry trip between black hills and front range. Process - following recommendations from another who posted, pre-cooled cooler for 24 hours. When loading - used divider, essentially kept one section covered almost completely in loose ice. This section...
  9. floor carpet removal + interior rhino spray lining

    Hey, (updated) I have had no experience with any type of noxious fumes resulting from the installation of Line-X. In summer, I normally run bikini or sun shades; in winter I have not noticed it. I am not sure I fully understand, the issue others described is that when the Line-X gets hot, it...
  10. Aftermarket Rims / Wheels

    I like the ratio of of wherl/rubber with 17 inch wheels and 35 tires. I am sure there are some on here who know far more than me, but with stock Rubicon suspension, you will maintain better clearance with 35's over 37's and best with 33's.. NOTE - have 17 inch pro comp 69s and 35 Yokohama...
  11. Are Yeti coolers worth the $$?

    Awesome! Thank you for your beta and definitely going to follow similar method. I was wondering about ice volume etc. and you addressed that. Why did you go with the Cabela's over every other brand, if I might ask?
  12. Are Yeti coolers worth the $$?

    Ordered RTIC 110 for upcoming 10-day backcountry jaunt in Black Hills & Front Range. Ordered off site, took advantage of deal I found online. Spoke to customer service to confirm availability/delivery date. Arrives this week. I will update with review. The *plan* is to pre-cool and use...
  13. floor carpet removal + interior rhino spray lining

    Hey, I am still working out how to link threads, but I saw some posts via Google searches of this process. Kinda exactly what it sounds like from the pictures: guy blow torched lid top, then bottom until carpet was burned off, but lid intact. Seems like a good option if you are not wanting to...
  14. floor carpet removal + interior rhino spray lining

    1000% why does Jeep not offer 'off-road' or 'all weather' fa tory floor option. I know I would have jumped at it. Especially if not Rubicon or Moab or Mojave trim exclusive.
  15. Replacing floor carpeting with rubber or vinyl

    Try 'floor carpet removal + interior rhino spray lining' do not know how to link thread.
  16. Replacing floor carpeting with rubber or vinyl

    Yes, Line-X. Posted photos and thoughts in the Line-X thread.
  17. floor carpet removal + interior rhino spray lining

    Yes, I will post.
  18. floor carpet removal + interior rhino spray lining

    I went with Line-x. I absolutely love it. I mountaineer/climb/backpack and have a black lab. Clean up is a breeze - hose it off and good to go. Note I keep the MOPAR mats installed on entire floor. I honestly feel the Line-X has aided in insulating and noise reduction. I have 35 inch M/Ts and I...
  19. floor carpet removal + interior rhino spray lining

    No, left it carpeted. However I have the MOPAR mats, so it sits under those. Note that if you fully remove carpet, and do not want to out piano hinges or something, the cubby lif just sits. It is not really 'attached ' , hence MOPAR mats.