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  1. Bushwhacker fender delete

    I have the flat style bushwacker fender flares, but I know the fender delete kit will fit on a 2-door.
  2. Where to buy Warn winch plate mount 101255 ?

    Check out 4wheelonline. They have a stock ---
  3. Body-Color Fender Flares and Hard Top?

    Mojito Green is a nice color. Good luck on your hunt.
  4. Tinted Tail Lights?

    Plastidip is another way to tint the taillights. It is easy to remove if you want to go back to stock look.
  5. Debadge Interior?

    Plastidip the steering wheel emblem for an easier solution.
  6. Any opinions on Fuel Gripper M/T?

    Consider the Toyo MT's. They are not very loud.
  7. Laptop mount

    Maybe this one will work--
  8. Cold air intake factory option

    No power gain, but a CAI can improve the sound and throttle respose.
  9. FUEL Tires

    I had Fuel Gripper MT's on my last rig. Good traction in the mud, sand and rocks, though these tires are really heavy.
  10. Best ball joints out there

    Another vote for Dynatracs. They are heady-duty and rebuildable.
  11. side step recommendations

    Here's a good thread about the Nfab--

    Try Katzkin. The quality of the leather is really good. They are just a bit pricey, though.
  13. Cargo Drawer Build

    That's a nice drawer. The added power supply and USB charger are very handy.
  14. Recommend some tube doors for me

    Nice choice. I have the Warn tube doors. They are solid and easy to install.
  15. Smoked tail lights, are they legal?

    I think a super light tint is a good option and will provide a classic look.
  16. Stainless steel side steps

    The Go Rhino RB20 is worth considering also. These steps look good and are solid.
  17. Best JL dash cam for hard wiring?

    A bit pricey but blackvue has a parking mode.
  18. Mopar vs Rhino Rack

    I like the low-profile design of Vortex SG59.
  19. White Letters Out?

    I like white letters on classic cars only.
  20. Best "budget" synthetic winch line (and best cover?)?

    I have a Smittybilt synthetic rope that I got at 4wheelonline. It is not the most inexpensive but still, it won't break the bank. It is very heavy-duty and light in weight.