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  1. JL Wrangler Australia

    Yes same here ,I was going to get a jk Rubicon then saw all the hype on YouTube in the US about the new jl so decided to wait..It seems like an eternity .But on Friday heard from my dealer it should be here in the next 4 weeks .
  2. 3.6L ESS Aux Battery Bypass

    Yes none of the mounting plate brackets will match up .Thinking of getting an American adventure lab battery/compressor mount for the storage space under the back floor and setting that up as a dual battery set up for my fridge etc and removing the aux battery.
  3. 3.6L ESS Aux Battery Bypass

    Thanks Jim Lee, yes i have already talked Genesis, they only make a kit for the rhd jk and are not likely to make one for the jl.
  4. 3.6L ESS Aux Battery Bypass

    Great thread jebiruph! Just wondering has anyone bypassed and removed the aux battery? I am going to fit 3.3 falcon shocks on righ hand drive (Australian) model jlu rubicon and the remote resevoir wont fit in position because the aux battery is in the way. (Battery and fuses are now on the...
  5. JL Wrangler Australia

    Hi jjames , I am going from a Landrover Discovery 3 to my hopefully soon to be jlu rubicon. Are you adjusting to the change? At least there is heaps of parts out there for the wrangler, and having strong solid axles will help off road ability annd strength, my discovery kept breaking cvs ,this...
  6. JL Wrangler Australia

    My teraflex 2.5 sport lift ,with 3.3 falcon adjustable shocks cost $3700 (not fitted)$4600 sounds steep as the mopar lift as far as i can tell dosnt include castor correction arms , From most reviews the mopar lift gives a nice ride, fox shocks are apparently valved the same as the stock shocks...
  7. 3.6L ESS Battery Diagram

    The problem i have is in Australia which has the right hand drive jlus the aux battery is going to be in the way of the resevoir on the 3.3 falcon shocks which i have ordered, Which i frustrating , so i either move the aux battery or get rid of it. If your solution works i will just remove it to...
  8. JL Wrangler Australia

    Teraflex has not yet made track bar adjustment brackets for the right hand drive jlu but as for other bands im not sure .Their remote resevoir on their 3.3 shocks is mounted directly to the body unlike most other shocks which are on a flexable tube so have variable mounting points so can be...
  9. 3.6L ESS Battery Diagram

    Following your question, I want know if i can get rid of the aux battery and connect +&- to main battery?
  10. JL Wrangler Australia

    Yes i hope they come with knuckle , i have seen photos of a jl rubicon in Australia with cvs , I hope it was a prototype, i have not had conformation from any one with a new Rubicon in Australia one way or another. I asked a dealer to look for me , he text me back saying ' no its not an...
  11. JL Wrangler Australia

    Yes all these things have gone through my mind too , i know the mopar hitch and wiring loom is going to cost nearly as much as a new rear bar with hitch incorperated in it.Also looking at you tube vids the mopar wiring kit takes a while too fit and you have too pull your new jl apart front to...
  12. JL Wrangler Australia

    Looks nice! Waiting for my jlur ordered in feb , Does it come with traditional steering knuckles or booted cvs on the front? Can you post a pic of the back , looking to see if the numberplate is mounted in the centre ,and if so how they are going to mount the tow hitch .Im annoyed they didnt...
  13. Engine choice in Europe 2.0 Petrol or 2.2 Diesel

    The diesel here is initially dearer,which brings it into the luxury car tax bracket,which makes it even more.Diesel is 10% dearer here which also hurts ,the real plus of the diesel is with most diesels off road and towing economy dosnt change drastically like the petrols ,and with only an 80...
  14. A Euro Rubicon suspension question.

    Following your post, which would be the best option new high fender flares or 2.5 inch lift for running 35inch tyres ?
  15. Engine choice in Europe 2.0 Petrol or 2.2 Diesel

    The 2.2 diesel and the 3.6 petrol will be released in Australia .The diesel is $7000 more than the 3.6. Does the diesel go well? Is it a good motor ? Thanks Danny