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  1. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Just installed mine today- on my 21 JLUR the camera on the stock carrier is held on with a plastic clip vs. the tiny screws the instructions talk about. Yours have the screws?
  2. Diesel Extended Start

    That’s on tomorrow’s agenda!
  3. Diesel Extended Start

    I ended up getting it back from the dealership because they wanted to keep it another week before they could even look at it. Waited until 40 miles until empty and refueled. Same nasty start as it had been doing since my last fill up. Drove about 4 miles home and the next start, and every start...
  4. Diesel Extended Start

    Question for the group- Any suggestions to the cause of the rough start? 55° temperature and rich fuel smell after it starter kicks off. Started about 40 miles into a fresh tank of fuel so assuming that has to do with it. Doesn’t happen on back to back starts but if it sits off for about 5+...
  5. EcoDiesel Badge

    What did you paint with? That looks terrific!