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  1. Canada - Ontario 2020 Unlimited Prem Soft top CA$1300 Toronto West

    Guys, reduced to $1300, thx.
  2. Put sub under trunk space

    Here is what I did, seems really good for the two door style look. The woofer is from Amazon, cheap but seems heavy and works well, I open the cap and put the cap on top of the board and leave the bottom part in the trunk storage. Still need 50mm m5 screw to bolt them together, but seems fine...
  3. 4xe back seat mounting: same as standard JL? Compatible with Armorlite flooring?

    I think this is it. I used to have an EV with one battery built under the seat, the cushion will be stiffer and thinner and seat cannot fold down like usual, because the bottom part cannot move, just the back fold downward.
  4. Canada - Ontario 2020 Unlimited Prem Soft top CA$1300 Toronto West

    I have one Unlimited Prem Soft top, come from the dual top option, used in one summer in 2020, now want to sell it. I have enjoyed one summer, it is great in summer to be able to top off, but I just think it is too much cumbersome to switch back and forth to hardtop twice every year. wanted some...
  5. disconnect battery for winter storage

    Succesfully disconnect the wire, Jeep over torque the screw connects two wire. And Wow, a lot of sparks on the connector btw ground and second battery, something must be running to cause the spark. Interesting. I didn't want batt tender simply don't want another thing in garage, and don't want...
  6. disconnect battery for winter storage

    We only need one car now due to work from home, so I want to disconnect the battery to avoid it draining to dead. I unscrew the ground pole from the main battery and test the lock and horn still there, presumably from the secondary battery for ESS. So now I am draining the sec battery, right? so...
  7. No longer splice wire?

    One of the review says the wire harness must be wired with hot and power the light wire goes to trailer, more complicated than wire splice. Is that true that you can no longer splice tail light wire for things you want, that a computer somewhere monitor the resistance of wire and give warning...
  8. Speaker replacement upgrade

    Is there any concensus what is the best affordable upgrade for the 3.5 and 4 upgrade for the buck, without having to read 27 pages. My system is 5inch stock radio don't even want to add amp to, just want to change speaker.
  9. first sub-woofer installing question

    well, first time play with those stuff, I have a cheap amazon 10" underseat sub I am wondering if I can power it from the trunk 12v outlet, the system is rated 150w RMS, but I only measured a max 4amp...
  10. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    I am certainly welcome Bronco to directly compete with jeep. Well, viewing a couple of bronco review, some tips for jeep to improve: 1, half door design 2, mirror on body instead of on doors. 3, mounting holes on windshield 4, removable fender flare 5, removable mounting spot interior Those...
  11. Disabling ESS Auto Start/Stop .... Yes, I know....

    Subscribe this thread. Can we simply short the switch button for one second mimicking button pressed every time when the car is turn hot
  12. Permanently disable engine auto start stop (ESS) at stoplights?

    For sure don't want to pay either 100+ or 300+ in whatever module to disable ESS. Did someone test what happen you just short that ESS switch? I heard now jeep is all on the so called CAN-BUS system, so it is not a switch short job can disable something. What about using arduino, when the...
  13. Want The Real Scoop On ESS (Engine Start/Stop)? Watch This Video!

    Let's keep it scientific, JL is already out for 3 years. Did anyone check how the starter motor look, are they bigger and beefier than JK's starter, or the same cheap ones used everywhere? Another problem is coolant circulation, I know in early turbo engine, it ask driver to keep the car idle a...
  14. First oil change 135c$,

    Thank you, I call them back, the guy start lie without any check, "your vehicle take a little more than sir",so he know it was five. Then he check his manager (who's on laid off), lol, then refund.
  15. First oil change 135c$,

    I am in Canada , That's pretty extensive for oil change, the labour 36$, plus 75$ for 6litter oil and plus tax My Toyota only get 50ish for oil change at dealer and for 4liter full synthetic oil. Btw should I feel engine difference after first oil change. I am at 6000km mark with half year...
  16. Should be safe, but comment old.

    Not 3 maybe 2.5 long screw.
  17. Soft Top window blowing out

    So in short, without read full thread, what I should do ? 2020 four door sports dual top. Now I am running no top now. And What conditiona it get blow away, windows down or one side Bimini?
  18. Should be safe, but comment old.

    Hang my hard top up to garage, today. Six point ratchet system, each has two screw into truss. A little bit in settled on the safety, but I see most YouTube clip are even four links, mine should be all safe but little unsettled. Your comments pls
  19. Soft top window storage

    Are there any roll up option? Understand it must accommodate the jl corner piece, but I like the old jk roll solution which can simply tack to the roll cage.