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  1. LED Headlights and Wipers in snow?

    Well if I was as smart as you I guess I could move where there isn’t any snow. In the meantime I’m just checking my options to see if things can be improved, that’s all. Wasn’t really putting myself out there to be spoken to like I’m some kind of dumbass, but I’m sure you’ve got an answer for...
  2. LED Headlights and Wipers in snow?

    I’m 61 years old. Actually more like 18 ver.43. I don’t need a lesson in ignorance. I know my own ignorance very well thank you. We are in a very close relationship and commune several times daily. It was a simple question to the manufacturer. With that simple question maybe that makes FCA look...
  3. LED Headlights and Wipers in snow?

    I called FCA and the lady said “no this is bad we’re sending this right upstairs” so a manager is supposed to call me and we’ll see where that goes. Thanks I will go with the turtle!
  4. LED Headlights and Wipers in snow?

    This happened to me last night. I was pissed. $55K for a car that has this problem is crazy. It is a safety issue. Pulling to the side of the road to clean them is a safety issue. Never happen ended on any other Jeep (of the 11 that I have owned). I am going to try to Rain-ex my headlights with...
  5. Auto windows (Up & Down)

    OK, what about this... I got the 535T, What if i wired like you and only used the front two windows for up because they are already one touch down. Could we not then use the other two circuits for the rear windows up only? Not sure if this is a do-able thing or not, but it looks to me that you...
  6. Rock lights installed want them to follow dome lights

    I have been coming back to check the dome lilight write up. My lights and wiring is in the mail, hoping it will be here by the end of the week. I just finished doing this. The write up so far has been great. Don't know if I missed it or not, but for the dome light/ interior light, the correct...
  7. ooo-ooo that air conditioner smell!

    That SUCKS. I am having my heater coil replaced next week, and have had the same concern. I'm seeing something about PM to Jeepcares, how do we do that? I want them held fully responsible for the condition of the dash re-assembly.
  8. ooo-ooo that air conditioner smell!

    REALLY?? I mean, I'm 60 years old, owned almost a dozen Jeep products, many of them new. I think at my tender age I know a new car smell. Car heates up this problem shows whether heat or A/C. Dealer is putting in a new heater coil. Starting there. Will keep you informed.
  9. ooo-ooo that air conditioner smell!

    They said it was a pin leak in the heater coil. So small it won’t cause a puddle but will atomize when it heats up. Drive car 5 minutes pull over and shut down five minutes, when you start up you’ll want to go get breakfast. FCA have started a case on this so it is documented
  10. ROAM Side Steps light wiring (or any step lights with door open illumination.)

    This was a great lesson. Thanks Chris. I ran rock lights under my stock boards with a 2 x 1 diode, with one supply from aux switch and the other will now come from a SS relay. Great info thanks!
  11. ooo-ooo that air conditioner smell!

    I searched but could not find it. Didn't want to start a repeat.
  12. ooo-ooo that air conditioner smell!

    No, this is definitely antifreeze. that's the first thing they said. Due to no considerable loss of fluid in reservoir, they say it is probably pinhole leak. They wouldnt replace the heater coil if it was nothing.
  13. ooo-ooo that air conditioner smell!

    No apparent loss of antifreeze. They immediately said antifreeze due to the smell they recognized. I have been watching all fluids. They are pulling the car in next week to put in a new Heater coil.
  14. ooo-ooo that air conditioner smell!

    I have had my JLU since July '18 and all summer when i turned on the air conditioning i would get a sweet smell. Exactly like Maple Walnut Syrup. I tried recircuilating air, turning on heat, foot air, middle air, and defrost. Still there. Mostly I would get it when I drove more than five...
  15. Are LED headlights worth $900?

    I spent the money and would have spent more! Did the aftermarkets on my Grand Cherokee and had no one to blame but myself. Fogging, shorts, hot capacitors to stop rapid blinking. Never again. Well worth it to me.
  16. OEM auto dimming rear view mirror

    I just bought a new JL and was reading the manual regarding auto dimming mirrors. The model that I have as the rear view mirro dims, but also the drivers side mirror dims also. My 2008 Grand Ltd had center and both sides auto dimming. Great for on the highway driving! But it doesnt appear to be...