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  1. Steering wheel locking up

    You're amazing. This started happening to me and My service center had no clue. I showed them this and they took care of it. Love this site and community.☮️
  2. Steering wheel locking up

    Same issue!! My wife almost crashed on the highway from this. Wtf??!
  3. Uconnect screen freaking out
  4. Uconnect screen freaking out

    band-aid fix
  5. JL Delivery Checklist

    Any idea if the problems exclusive to the Uconnect 8.4 inch screen (Sahara and Rubis) or is the problem all over?
  6. Best deals found on a new JL?

    Just leased a JLU sport S, auto, white, dual top, infotainment pkg, convenience group, Mopar all-weather mats. MSRP: 41,130 Monthly $380 Zero down. Taxes rolled into monthly. 39mos/12k mi ($368 for 39/10) Bayside Chrysler/Jeep (Queens, NY) Salesman: Turgo Tropnasse...
  7. Initial Thoughts on New JL

    Exxxxactly :handsinair:
  8. Off Topic Questions/Thoughts Since Joining

    I think she's won an award for that on here already ;)
  9. Initial Thoughts on New JL

    Incredibly well said!!
  10. JL Lease info.

    You're not married to the order you placed and don't feel bad, they'll move the car to someone else. Shop around, if you find the JL you want (trim, packages) and the numbers work for you, take the deal and cancel the order (and get back any $$ u put down as a deposit).
  11. JL Lease info.

    @ThirtyOne is the guy to follow on these forums re lease payments. I read his posts and was really prepared when I spoke to dealers. Thank again thirtyone! But I don't see any reason to put any money down at all on a lease. 1st month and DMV only. The new JL's have a high RV and low MF so...
  12. JL Lease info.

    I don't know about that deal. I just leased a JLU Sport S last night, pretty loaded, and the payments came out to $380 a month. MSRP 41,130 Sale Price 39,569 39mo/12k Zero down. Rolled taxes into payments. Bayside Jeep (Queens, NY)
  13. Little things you discovered on your JL

  14. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    Thanks!! I'm rootin for you to get yours and post those pics!
  15. Recommended Dealers List

    Just picked up my JLU Sport S, pretty loaded, frm Bayside Jeep in Queens, NY. I gotta say, I got the best deal of all the Jeep dealers in Long Island I talked to. The salesman, Turgo ([email protected]), was a consummate professional and even went to go pickup my Jeep from the rail...
  16. Hello From JeepCares

    On the left side of the steering wheel, push the up arrow to cycle through the various screens on your dash - not the uconnect System. When you get to an image of the drivetrain, push the arrow to the right. You'll see the pitch and roll levels with images of the Jeep.
  17. Hello From JeepCares

    Right on!! Welcome
  18. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    YEAH BABY!!! Finally!! Drives even better than I imagined. Great control, smooth ride, solid power, interior is slick. 2nd pick of my wife excited as all hell :rock:
  19. Confirmed JL Dealership Arrivals

    Thx. I'm looking at getting mine at either place. How was east hills?
  20. Confirmed JL Dealership Arrivals

    Is that bayside, queens (NY)?