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  1. Giveaway of the Month - March 2019 -- JL Wrangler Overland Front Tube Fenders

    Cuz these plastic fenders ain’t cutting it anymore!
  2. Did anyone received their soft top yet?

    Still waiting on mine from Dave Dennis out of Dayton. Tried contacting through email and telephone but I don’t even get a follow up. Kinda frustrated, but still trying to be patient. Really don’t want to be that guy.
  3. License plate relocation

    I have seen that, but I still want to keep the spare in place. Hoping the aftermarket comes up with a relocate to the spare that doesn’t block or move the back up cam.
  4. License plate relocation

    The aftermarket parts are starting to come in and while I’m seeing a lot of stuff I like, I haven’t seen any rear license relocation solutions for the rear bumper. If I end up with a going with a steel/aluminum aftermarket bumper, I have to move the license to the spare tire, but I don’t want to...
  5. Shattered the rear glass of my hard top. RIP.

    Can you tell us what brand hoist you used? Makes me nervous to set up the one I just bought...
  6. The dreaded JB freeze

    19 days in JB’s getting kinda hard to keep the New Jeep stiffy going. Sure I’ll flip the hell out as soon as I hit KZ though.
  7. JLWF / Northridge4x4 Giveaway: EVO MFG 2.5in JL Overland Boost Stage 1 Suspension System

    I would absolutely take this suspension kit off your hands northridge.