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  1. What steps can I attach to my 2019 Rub Rails?

    Ace Engineering makes a slider that is a tube rail. It bolts directly under the factory Rubicon rail.
  2. Teraflex?

    Mine is one of the first production runs and clanks on both ends of the bushings, has too much play, Teraflex has redesigned, but I understand there are still issues and they are revising again. Rather than wait, I am going to switch it out for something else. I run the Teraflex ST2 lift with...
  3. lost OffRoad Pages gained MarketPlace

    Alison with Jeep Cares said that UConnect Engineering pushed out an update this week. She said, "After several key cycles, you will see the JORP icon return." ... Still waiting for mine to return.
  4. Tail light guards

    Yes, they only fit on the LED tail lights. I just ordered rear and front guards from Northridge 4x4 as they just had them on sale. Fronts...
  5. What side steps / rock rails to add to JL Wrangler?

    Where did you purchase them? I have not been able to find a vendor that has them in stock and when I called LOD directly they said they were out several weeks. I really like the way they fit.
  6. Tazer mini update issue

    Same, I was not able to get the latest version 11.1.2 to install. I plugged it back in after the failed update and it still works OK. What a PITA trying to plug and unplug. I need smaller hands. :) Not sure what the difference in update is, but I assume I don't need it if it didn't update...
  7. 2-month old JL Rubicon battery died, service dept. says it’s normal

    I'd be hesitant to go back to that dealership. Maybe try another dealership to have them evaluate the new battery to make sure it is not draining irregularly. You shouldn't have an issue if working correctly. I guess if that dealership replaces the battery enough times they will look deeper...
  8. Hothead Headliners

    I just installed the headliner and the sound assassin and have had no issues. This is the second set I have installed with no issues (previously installed the same set up on my old JK and ran it with no issues for over 3 years). Sounds like painting the hardtop may have created the issue with...
  9. I got a new 2019 Sahara. How do you guys hang dry cleaning?

    I used this along with the old grab handles off my JK. It works and folds up out of the way against the roll bar when not in use. This would be my suggestion as well. With a hanger of course :)
  10. Which winch for JL Wrangler

    Thank you for posting this. I will have to look into converting my lever. Anyone know the cost of the conversion kit?
  11. Which winch for JL Wrangler

    Anyone else notice that the Warn Zeon 10s installed on the metal bumper doesn’t allow you to disengage to completely turn to free spool because the bumper cut out isn’t big enough to allow the knob to fully rotate?
  12. Best suspension options for JL Rubicon Unlimited

    Installed the same ST2 kit w/Falcon 3.3's shocks and had the same issue of bowing front coils. Apparently Jeep has been changing the coil pad design trying to resolve some of the bowing spring issues and Teraflex has not kept up with the changes from their initial design for the kit. They are...
  13. Newbie Jeep owner- need advice on headliners.

    Yes, you really only have to lightly scuff where the 3M taped is going to be applied and then wipe it down a couple of times with acetone over those areas. Doesn’t make a terrible mess. No need to go crazy and sand the entire thing down.
  14. Just installed the Mopar 6" lift kit

    LOL- yeah, i didn't know that Mopar was offering a 6" kit. Was hoping to read of a new JT kit that was converted to fit on the JL :)
  15. Steering Stabilizers Recommendations / Tips?

    I agree with this, you don't need it, but it did help the general floaty wandering steering of the JL. Feels much tighter with less play now. I have also added a 2.5" Teraflex ST2 lift with upgraded bump stops on 37" Patagonia tires. The Falcon was noticeably better with my setup.
  16. Magnaflow Vs Borla Cat-Back

    I had the Borla and it was too loud for my liking as a DD. I live where there are a lot of hills and canyons and it was just too loud when going up any sustained hill, really droned loudly. Loved it on the flats and around town, sounded great for flat road driving. The quality and stainless...
  17. Newbie Jeep owner- need advice on headliners.

    I just received the Hothead Headliners with side windows and the Sound Assassin strips. This is the 2nd time I am using them, as I had the kit in my JK and they worked great. I use my Jeep as a DD and am on the phone a lot and it really helps to hear on the built in blue tooth speaker or my...
  18. Anyone running the Milestar Patagonia M/T tire?

    I understand that the rim on the Patagonia's is not trimmed very well with excess rubber. You might want to trim them with a razor blade prior to mounting them. Did they use the additional spacer ring for the Method 105's? I have the same tires and wheels (Method 105's 17 x 9" 3.5" backspace...
  19. TPMS issues with aftermarket wheels - am I alone?

    Is this a known issue with Jeep then? Sounds like the software update may fix this issue. I will have to contact my dealer and see if they will preform this update. My front right sensor goes in and out of working. I just tried swapping the spare, but it also goes in and out of working.
  20. One TPMS out - no reading

    I am having the same issue after installing news wheels and tires. I have one front sensor that will sometimes work and other times is just out. I am not sure if the dealer will warranty since I put aftermarket wheels on. May have to try and replace it I guess.