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  1. 4xe vs 392 - Quick Comparison

    Great video guys! when is the 392 review out! I can’t wait for the gladiator rubicon 4XE. That would be my choice!
  2. Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the JL/JLU. Available now. [Videos, Sound Clips, Dyno]

    Where do you order you materials from? Is it all from the US or do you order the materials from China?
  3. What is the best memory you have with your Jeep Wrangler?

    But you're the prettiest baby in the world!
  4. Beach Essentials

    A recovery strap is a much better choice! The rule of thumb for sizing recovery straps is that for every 1″ in width the strap gains 10,000 lbs of strength. Therefore, a 3″ wide strap will have approximately a 30,000 lb rating. You should purchase a recovery strap rated at 3 times the weight of...
  5. Does anybody know the formula for how many cubic feet of air it takes?

    I have the VIAIR 400P mounted under the hood with about a 6 gallon tank. It works great. I imagine the portable model is just as good.
  6. What tools would you keep on board for the JL to get it to the shop?

    Does anyone use Garmin Overlander or a Magellan TR5, etc for off road GPS? I use the Garmin Overlander for a back-up navigation device. It has saved me several times when my phone was out of cell range.