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  1. Creaking Doors...anyone?

    A valiant attempt. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Fell in the love then had slight heart break

    Congratulation on the beautiful Jeep. Sucks that it got broken into.
  3. Will it fit in my garage?

    Perfect. That's what I needed to know. I read on here that the Mopar lift ran tall, I just wasn't sure how tall. Nice ride btw.
  4. Will it fit in my garage?

    I have an 80 inch tall garage door which I assume is pretty standard. Can anyone out there with a JL Rubicon Unlimited, 2 inch mopar lift, and 35 inch tires let me know if this would fit in my garage? And if so, with how much room to spare? I also have a Bestop Sunrider soft top which adds...
  5. Help! My wife HATES my new Jeep!

    You think she hates it now... just wait till you tell her you want to spend thousands of dollars on a 2 inch lift to fit 35's.
  6. Back from picking up the new JLUR in Idaho...

    You wasted noo time! Congrats on your beautiful ride and welcome to the Jeep Life.
  7. Today was the day - took possession of my new 4XE!! :)

    The future is upon us. Congratulations on that beauty.
  8. Bestop Sunrider Review

    Love my Sunrider. Quality addition that let's you easily enjoy that open air feeling when you can't go completely topless. All it takes is about 3 seconds and you can open or close at a stop sign or traffic light. When I do remove it, the Sunrider always reinstalls and lines up perfectly...
  9. Becoming too much of a Jeep guy, too quick.

    Similar experience. I rented a Jeep for a Colorado ski trip. It was my first time behind the wheel of this iconic legend. It handled the mountains and snow like a Sunday walk through the park. Suddenly every other vehicle paled in comparison and I had one in my garage about 3 weeks later...
  10. Anyone watch the Lite Brite Jeep Youtube channel?

    They are definitely in an entirely different league than me, but I give them both complete respect for shunning the 9 to 5 life and doing something they're passionate about. From what I can tell, they seem pretty cool and down to earth, and Kevin never shies away from the hard line, I'll give...
  11. Creaking Doors...anyone?

    Welcome to the Jeep family and the "creaking door" club. 1) The good news is mine has basically stayed at it's original stage and over the past year has not gotten any noticeably worse. However, there may be a relationship to frequency of use as I just did a quick test and my drivers side...
  12. Your favorite mod under $200

    Someone on this site recommended these to me a year ago and it is still one of the greatest "mods" I have made to date. For less than $20, it's a "must have" if you plan to remove your doors frequently.
  13. Creaking Doors...anyone?

    It is not a continuous creak on mine, nor does it happen when driving. It only creaks when the door is being opened or closed.
  14. Driving on beach sand.

    I vote for this picture to be included next to the word "fun" in Webster's Dictionary.
  15. BFG KM3s Coming

    Very nice stance.. What kinds of wheels are these?
  16. Storing freedom tops

    Bought a Bestop Sunrider a year ago, and the freedom panels have stayed in their bag inside my garage ever since.
  17. ‘21 JLUR “Build”—Newbie

    Welcome to the family! We're def more fun than the Mercedes family.
  18. Rubicon Budget Spacer Lift with 35 inch Tires.

    One year after purchasing a 20 JL Rubicon, the lift/tire itch is getting stronger everyday. Looking for a minimum lift to comfortably install 35's which will handle light to moderate off road trails and still perform well as a daily driver. I'm considering the Teraflex 2.5 budget lift and...
  19. How to drive in snow and ice, for dummies...

    Great pics. Are those Ridge Grapplers? How do you like them in the snow?