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  1. Laurel Lakes in the Eastern Sierra

    Nice views! so no corona shutdown up in mammoth? good to know, sorry to hear about your kiddo.
  2. Florida Buying: Front and Rear inner fender liner for Rubicon fender flares

    Doing my fronts soon, hit me up for them. Free ninety free, you pay shipping
  3. Skid plates 2 door only

    Good Job, this is proof you are using it, I like it !!! As to your question, I echo others, figure out your mission, and go with the appropriate battle armour.
  4. Skid plates 2 door only

    Really? After all this time, no one gives a fat rats ass about 2 door drivers? I got my Jeep last July after ordering in Feb. I just thought I'd check to see about skid plates for my 2 door tonight,.....and if anyone was producing them, WITHOUT the Fu*king bolt heads sticking out to catch rocks...
  5. Skid plates 2 door only

  6. Whats your gas mileage?

    Not trying to start a shit show, but air density / humidity / heat will all play a factor in combustion engines. anything over 20 mpg is good. Leave it at that, enjoy your ride. I'm getting about 220 - 240 miles per tank in mine, don't tell me what my MPG is, I really don't want to know. This is...
  7. Jeep JL Front Bumper With Bull Bar Crusher

    Nice job thinking outside the box,..uh,,...
  8. Jeep JL Front Bumper With Bull Bar Crusher

    Still waiting for my hat or shirt. A guys gotta dress himself you know. :)
  9. V-41 fix?

    I just put the dual damper on to get it up and out of harms way. nuff said,.... I'll let them change my oil for free,....wait, no I won't Nevermind,.....they aren't touching my rig unless it's a warranty issue, then ,.....maaaayyyyybe
  10. Jeep JL Front Bumper With Bull Bar Crusher

    OK, so you guys liked my post,.....where's my hat? dammit I'm calling Marcus over at River City,........ :)
  11. Jeep JL Front Bumper With Bull Bar Crusher

    And,'s the duals mounted. May post more pics later at night. As you can see, I have the fogs in the skid plate, (also have the amber lenses, just not sure about them yet), and the duals I put on Aux 2. So, with these 6 up front, plus my Rigids with side throw on the cowls, my forward...
  12. Jeep JL Front Bumper With Bull Bar Crusher

    OK, Got the fogs to work behind the skid plate. I hung them from the winch plate with a 1 inch aluminum spacer I painted black. I used KC flex singles and wired directly to OEM fog wiring. I will be putting the duals just inside the bull bar. Will post those pics tomorrow if I get to them...
  13. JL (2DR) Rubicon front bumper, skid, fogs f/s

    Hi Guys, A number of you had asked about parting this out. I am not interested in parting it out. Kind of an all or nothing sort of thing. I have a missus who I like to keep happy,... Too much crap in the garage and I'll be sleeping in there with it all. Thanks for your understanding. :)
  14. Death Valley Trip March 21-24

    I won't tell anyone if you happen to key your mic,...... :)
  15. JL (2DR) Rubicon front bumper, skid, fogs f/s

    Hi Guys, apologies for delays, work has been hectic. I have received a number of PM's and I promise I'll get back to you guys starting tonight after work. I did manage to clean the items and here are a few pics. Not shown are the "wings", but they are included and are brand new, I took them off...
  16. Death Valley Trip March 21-24

    Hey Vic, Very much interested in this trip. May head up before and set up basecamp with the RV. Do you have a route confirmed yet, or will it be group conscious based on Jeep / driver ability at the time? Let me know if you need help with logistics or anything else. Thanks, Steve
  17. Death Valley Trip March 21-24

    Here's a link to a map of Death Valley for those that haven't been. Scroll down a bit to see map. I've not done it in my Jeep yet. Hey Harry, I'll run this trip by the wife, she loves desert flowers and perhaps we can do an RV meetup and roll out...
  18. Billet Silver JLUR Modest Build

    I back and support the MORE dead pedal, makes bombing through the desert / trails way more stable by allowing you to push yourself back into the seat, my .02