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  1. Trying to figure out how many total miles I have driven with gas vs electric?

    Assuming you haven’t reset your trip computers… this is the seventh option down on the driver dashboard display.
  2. Added Mirror Turn Signals

    Very cool. Nice job! But, why did I read this? Now my OCD is going to kick in and I’ll need to order a set…
  3. Factory Ordering a Sport S, What Should I Cut?

    So what corner of Iraq was this picture taken from?
  4. Factory Ordering a Sport S, What Should I Cut?

    If you have younger, newer, or otherwise distracted drivers in your family (cough), I would suggest keeping the safety group. Useful feature for resale later and depending on your auto insurance, you could qualify for additional discounts with it.
  5. Driving 54,000 miles around the coast of Africa, through 35 different countries.

    Dan Grec, writer of “The Road Chose Me” recently published a long form summary of his Africa journey for Jalopnik: Same premise as his original trip. Quit his job (again), built a Jeep, and went at it -...
  6. When are you using 4H and 4L on your Wrangler?

    For the JL, I recall the max high speed for 4H was 55 mph, and 4L was 25 mph. Since I don’t know precisely when 4H Auto is activated in 4H, I don’t trust it and leave it off. Maybe there’s an idiot light I missed for it. I’ll throw it into regular 4H if there is more than a foot of water, or...
  7. Any Audiophiles here?

    interesting. For me, the Alpine bass tuning is annoyingly loud. My ear drums started bouncing around with the bass heavy songs. My adjustments were much more linear. Haven’t tried the AUX port yet CarPlay: Bass -4 /Mid -2 /Treble 0 Even with this, the bass still feels too high on some songs...

    I’ve heard of pumping fake engine noises into the cabin, but this is the first time I’ve heard of someone pumping it out. I’d personally want to change the standard fake electric whine it to sound like monks chanting. Or go full coconut, Monty Python style.
  9. Biggest mark up for a 392 so far? MSRP of 80k - Dealer price of 125k!

    Could be worse. Imagine looking to buy a Lambo right now - this year's allotment is almost completely gone, and we are just in June.
  10. Clickbait Title: DOES ESS WORK?! You won't BELIEVE what happened on tank 105! (Fuel Consumption Analysis: 2 years, 122 tanks, 30k miles)

    Uh, yeah. If my primarily concern was efficiency, the entire Jeep lineup wouldn’t have been anywhere on my shopping list.
  11. Clickbait Title: DOES ESS WORK?! You won't BELIEVE what happened on tank 105! (Fuel Consumption Analysis: 2 years, 122 tanks, 30k miles)

    ESS is not a regulatory requirement. If it was, GM wouldn’t be dropping it entirely in their SUVs and trucks due to the current chip shortage. Honestly feel like ESS should be an option, similar to engine...
  12. Big cities (NYC) Jeep Culture and some ugly mods

    No. You misunderstood me. In simple terms: if someone doesn’t wave at you, shrug it off.
  13. Why so much hate for angry eyes grilles?

    Funny thing is, it’s no longer just Jeep owners doing this. Car manufacturers themselves have been designing angry grilles for several years now. German newsgroup DW (link in English) does a good job explaining it:
  14. Big cities (NYC) Jeep Culture and some ugly mods

    This entire thread is in poor taste. Chalk it up to cultural differences, and leave it at that. Do we want to talk about other demographics who like skinny tires on deep dish rims? Specific to Asian folks not waving back: I was a foreign exchange student who ended up studying in Japan. One...
  15. Whats Your Other ride?

    2019 RAV4 (hybrid, white) Long distance “good weather” car. Now just the spare. Kinda tempted to trade it in for a base Ford Maverick, whenever that comes out.
  16. Why so much hate for angry eyes grilles?

    Why the hate? because it's iconic. It is literally used as an alternative logo. It's the same reason square headlights only lasted one generation, and why the Jeep wave doesn't extend to Samurais, (newer) FJs, Broncos, and Hummers - or even other "Jeeps". It's a part of Jeep's identity, and...
  17. Would you switch to a jt?? Why, or why not?

    Back when they were heavily discounting the JTs, I was super tempted. Right at the start of 2020, there were several news articles published about how folks were getting ~$9k (or more!) in discounts and rebates...
  18. Buyer’s Remorse - 2021 JLUR

    You’ll be fine. The Jeep is just a tool. What matters are the adventures you go on, and the people you go with. And hey, the kids are only kids once. I’m jealous - it sounds like the kids have a good father. Have fun out there.
  19. 4xe Rear Seat Removal

    It’s a typo. If it’s the company I’m thinking about, I think he meant “Californian” bird company. 🤣 Very cool build. Great writing. Looking forward to seeing your results!
  20. Recommendations to fix my dented corner! Maybe put a corner guard on it? Might help to cover it up once you get any paint issues patched out.