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  1. Need advise RK 2.5 Max Travel/ 37’s and 4.76 BS

    I have the rk 2.5 adventure series 3 on a Rubicon. I believe rk advertises lift heights on a Rubicon, so you may actually see 3.5 inches of lift, but someone smarter than me can weigh in on that info.
  2. Need advise RK 2.5 Max Travel/ 37’s and 4.76 BS

    I run rk 2.5 with 4.75 bs and 37x12.5/17 Goodyear mtrs and yes, rk says to have 4.5 bs or there will be rubbing. I don't know if they mean rubbing during full lock turning or stuffed offloading. After I installed my lift, I backed my steering stop bolts out 1.5 turns so my tires don't touch my...
  3. Extreme delays from Rock Krawler?

    I had ordered from RK beginning November 2020 and received my lift late April 2021. They were polite on the phone but kept giving me delivery dates that would come and go. I heard bushing shortages, ups problems, weather delays, and supplier problems. I don't think they were lying but it was...
  4. 37's On My Wrangler 392 *No Lift/Stock Wheels

    Thanks man, glad to hear it tracks good. I thought maybe it would get a bit squirrelly with increased power and decreased caster.
  5. No Squatting JL's in NC

    Ask not for whom the bell tolls..................
  6. No Squatting JL's in NC

    I ran across a kid washing his truck here in myrtle with a huge squat. 6 inch lift in the front and stuffed in the back. The rims were so big his 35s looked like a roll of used electrical tape. While talking to him, I found him knowledgeable about his lift (a cheap brand that put leverage in...
  7. 37's On My Wrangler 392 *No Lift/Stock Wheels

    If the 392's are higher with the same LCAs, does anybody have a factory caster reading on them?
  8. Today is 4XE Lift / Wheel / Tire day!!!

    Might just be the angle of the picture, but it looks like the spring isn't seated properly in the upper spring bucket.
  9. Rear main seal leaking, deal with it now?

    The rms is the leak I hate the most. I couldn't live with it but I also couldn't live with a dealer trying to fix it. I'd probably just do a murder/suicide on the jeep and me😄.
  10. New Lift and Now Loud Creaking

    I installed my rk 2.5 a couple weeks ago and initially the creaking was loud and ubiquitous. I know rk said the bushings were already greesed but I wanted to do a full lube anyway but I was delayed for a couple days. During that time it creaked like an old man. After a full lube, it still...
  11. MB Quart announced 'Purposely Engineered Jeep Tuned Audio Kits' (incl. 6x9 Soundbar adapter) at Jeep Beach 2021

    Happy to help, it was sbrimer who I first saw the code from. Just credit where credit is due 🙂
  12. 37" tires on a 2 door JL...silly looking?

    Rk 2.5 inch lift, rims are 15 52 analogs. Thanks for the compliment
  13. 37" tires on a 2 door JL...silly looking?

    37s on a 2dr look just right to me.
  14. Does FedEx Suck Everywhere Else, Too?!

    I rethink any order when I find out its shipping with FedEx and I explain that to any retailer who bothers to ask. I try and use UPS when possible.
  15. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    backspacing is 4.75, tire is 12.50 wide