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  1. Who has taken their JL on a long road trip and what was your experience like?!

    Driving on the freeway in My 2021 JLU from Sierra Vista to San Diego the first time was a chore. The vehicle wondered and had to really be "driven" due to the steering. So I had a track bar steering bracket/brace by Synergy installed. The second time I had to make the same trip... It was a...
  2. Jeep Ducking (Duck Duck Jeep)

    At least it's NOT some un-elicited decal some slaps on your Jeep.. Even though Rubber Ducks don't swim that way.. > I'm Not much of fan of ducks either... Ifen ye Like my Jeep.. lets talk in person... If I like your jeep.. Lets talk in person.. Its far more beneficial.
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    It the Smittybilt striker. You can get it in stubby version or add the wings and lights as I did. Yes I'm happy with my build. Glad to see all the plastic go!
  4. Differential oil change

    Banks on YouTube did a study on diff covers and oil levels. He proves the after market diff covers are not really designed correctly. Check out the third vid in that series. Just search Banks differential covers.
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I added new badging on the Hood..
  6. 2022 Rubicons will come with optional 35s, beadlocks, upgraded tire carrier

    With a 35" tire option, will the standard 4:10 gear ratio remain the same ?
  7. Quadratec Stealth light bar review?

    I'm happy with mine. Just know going in that some adjustments will ave to be made and some extra weather stripping to eliminate light blow by.
  8. What would you do to your Jeep with $5k?

    I'd get 35'' tires and some skid plates and differential covers. Then the Jeep would be completed.. yeah right! Lol
  9. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    We went to Fort Huachuca museums in Sierra Vista AZ. . Everything history from Geronimo to drone technology.
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I added the Quadratic stealth light bar. Light bleeds a little but nothing that can't be remedied with weather stripping or latex .
  11. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Added lights in the wings using #2 Aux switch. I might just combine those lights with the bull nose light bar in the same switch to free up an extra switch.

    One of the first things I did with my 2021 Rubicon was have a synergy track bar steering brace added to rid the wondering steering issue. I think it's a safety issue as well as a quality oversight.
  13. Meet The TrailRax Pak Rax System

    Got mine hangin on the garage wall.. Getting the lockable handles seemed impossible at the time . I also had to drill them out to mount the rotopax locking handles.