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  1. Who has taken their JL on a long road trip and what was your experience like?!

    I have driven several 400-800 mile trips in the JLU. Before getting the steering box replaced it was a bit annoying to have to keep sawing at the steering wheel. Now, it's fine. I really don't mind taking it on long drives. It's not a luxury vehicle and you have to keep that in mind. It...
  2. What action camera for a newb?

    I have a GoPro 8. The mount is from 67 designs. Very stable video. Really like the quality.
  3. Does FedEx Suck Everywhere Else, Too?!

    Another victim of FedEx here. Package lost but said delivered. I was home when I got the delivery text. Nothing anywhere. Search multiple times. Multiple delayed deliveries. Awful.
  4. Life span of spare tire?

    I jack up one corner at a time using the 5th tire to start with.
  5. Airing up tires after off roading?

    SuperFlow MV-9012 $154 I liked it over the Smittybuilt one due to ability to use a different hose if I want to or if it breaks.
  6. What's this silver T shaped tab for?

    The nut you see is attached to the 'T'
  7. Found something missing in my JL

    You can also just get some long velcro straps and wrap them around the place you would put grab handles by doors. Hang your clothes on the straps. Works great and it's cheap and easily removeable if needed.
  8. Windshield Defroster Fix

    Just installed my set. My experience is that in the area with the light sensor the holes are slightly different size than the rest. Plug fell in and I had a heck of a time getting it out. Molding process for the different parts might make the holes slightly different size. I bought these...
  9. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    My wife and I have been exploring the North Georgia Mountains and are having a great time doing it. Some roads are easy, some more challenging. Have some videos here Z Adventures Off-Road
  10. Windshield Defroster Fix

    Ordered my 10 pack. Thanks for the great fix!
  11. Important for those that have a brand new Jeep - check your fuses!

    Yep, I experienced the same thing with my 2020.
  12. Stupid things non-Wrangler owners say

    That's the feeling you get when you bought the right vehicle. I've had a few like that over the years as well. 2000 Honda VFR800, 2016 Mustang GT, 2020 JLU. When I get a new vehicle I spend months trying to find the one that will bring out that feeling every day. Who wants to drive boring...
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed Evo ProTek engine/trans skid plate on the JLU. Installation was pretty simple even from the garage floor. It helped to have two sets of hands.
  14. Voswitch JL300 Lower Dash Switch Panel

    Gladiator install video shows good details.
  15. Manually shift 8spd auto impressions...

    Yeah the only place I've really used my manual shifter is on a downhill trail where I wanted to control speed better. Worked well.
  16. What are your plans for 2021 Jeep Adventures?

    That's a heck of a trip. I hope all goes well and you post a trip report as you go.
  17. What are your plans for 2021 Jeep Adventures?

    What are everyone's hopes and dreams for adventure in 2021? Got some local spots you just love to hit over and over or some far off places you want to travel to? In February I'm going to try out Gulches Off Road Park in SC then hit some NC and GA mountains on the way back home. Kinda hoping...
  18. Auxiliary reverse light

    I actually used Rigid diffused lights on my F150. A nice wide pattern. Really liked them.
  19. Merry Christmas! What Jeep goodies did y'all get?

    Was Santa good to all of you this year? He was to me! WeatherTech floor mats front and back DV8 Aluminum Fuel Door Tuff Viking Trunk Organizer Superflow MV-9012 Air Compressor Smittybilt 30ft 17,000lb Snatch Strap Barricade Tire Deflators (2) Rugged Ridge 3/4" Shackles Rugged Ridge 3"x30'...