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  1. Are there any options/specs that you regret getting OR not getting?

    Had I read the description a bit more closely I would have gotten the cargo management system since it comes with an inverter and power outlet for the bed. I planned on getting the rails (got them from Rebel Offroad) anyway.
  2. Installed Coverking Topliner with sound deadening mat

    Moved to Federal Way in 1979, graduated high school here. Other than 6 months in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and 3 years in Saudi Arabia I have lived here since then. Tired of all the rain, cold, wet days - thinking maybe Arizona might be a good choice. :)
  3. Installed Coverking Topliner with sound deadening mat

    Are you from Washington?
  4. Moab week after Easter Jeep Safari

    Has anyone been to Moab either the week before or week after EJS? Wondering what the crowd level is like either week but mainly the week after. I'm thinking of going the week of April 4th for a week. Good point in time because when I get home it is time to prep and plant the vegetable garden.
  5. My Jeep showed me the love

    No, it did that in my Wrangler last Winter. If you have it setup to automatically turn on the heated seat and steering wheel with remote start, it actually does it other times. This happens when it is below 40. I wish this point was adjustable.
  6. Reaching my breaking point... may consider trading my JLUR

    And I hope you are not one of those douche bags in a car that tries to force bicyclists off the road.
  7. Dealer forgot to put oil plug back on

    Correct, if they forgot the plug, the oil would have drained out as they filled it. What is likely is that they did not tighten up the oil plug, probably just put in enough to stop the oil from coming out while they filled it, and it fell off due to the vibration of the engine and road. But if...
  8. Not Starting Jeep "THING"

    Doors on or off? When you take your doors off, and lock it, there are no doors to unlock so it thinks it is still in 'lock' mode - as in no one unlocked the door and got in. You have to 'unlock' the door to get it started. Remote start requires locked doors - so suspect you had no doors on.
  9. Well....I traded my JL in 2019, but now I miss it...

    Rather than trying to find a stick - why not custom order your Wrangler, that way you can choose everything about it. Might even make if faster to get a stick than waiting for one to show up on a lot in a color you like.
  10. Looks Like a Recon Mission Driving Through Flood

    First Winter I worked in Riyadh, Saudia Arabia they had unusually high amounts of rain - and the storm drains could not handle it. Driving a Chevy Cavalier - water about 6 inches or so above the bottom of the door - just plow your way through and don't stop. Going to fast will not cause water...
  11. Review of Quadratec Aluminum Brute Strength Winch Bumper for 18-20 Jeep Wrangler JL & Gladiator JT (Full Width Bumper,Without Winch)

    June 28th - Finally got around to installing the bumper - it sat in the garage for 3 weeks. Couple things - I like it overall. But a couple things to point out. When I was installing it, the instructions said to put the winch plate on - but the winch plate was solidly attached to the bumper. We...
  12. Washington Given away -Give away stock plastic Wrangler Rubicon bumpers

    Have your dealer install the Mopar steel bumper. Most stock looking one that will also retain your fog lights. Winch - many options out there.
  13. Washington Given away -Give away stock plastic Wrangler Rubicon bumpers

    Did you order the steel bumper option or stick with the bumper in the package? If you upgraded to steel, yes, you can put a winch on that one. The base bumper - nope, there is no winch plate installed, and it being plastic it does not have the strength for winch use.
  14. Help ID another strange aftermarket modification in my new 2020 Jeep.

    You got me. :) Been a while since I watched that one.
  15. Help ID another strange aftermarket modification in my new 2020 Jeep.

    Larson Dodge, etc. adds that to every vehicle they sell - and WILL NOT remove it. And they charge $400 for it - called Brake Plus. You might check with your insurance company to see if they give a discount because of this safety addon.
  16. I will be waving at the new Broncos

    TFL Truck reports their appears to be no solid front axle - see 11:52 in this video.
  17. I will be waving at the new Broncos

    Since they do not have solid axles - probably no death wobble. Yah, I've heard you won't even be able to get your pre-ordered Bronco until April next year.
  18. I will be waving at the new Broncos

    I wave at Jeeps - oftimes they don't wave back. Oh well.
  19. PLEASE HELP! Creaking rubber at bottom of the cargo glass

    Just looked this tape up - pricey for a small roll.