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  1. Heigh10 vs Insane Audio

    check out their YouTube channel they have more in depth videos.
  2. Cwu's Punk'n Diesel Build

    I went back n forth forth for a long time about changing out my fog lens. Finally swapped out to the amber lens last weekend and I really like the look. I am hoping in heavy fog these Amber’s will cut through a bit better Before After
  3. Cwu's Punk'n Diesel Build

    I got my wires ran a couple weeks ago got every thing zipped down and clean. I did how ever screw up the drain plug on the passenger side :facepalm: so now I have to go order another one and tear it all back apart to get it plugged back in i will say I love the look and function of these...
  4. Fist Look at Gecko JL Wrangler

    I wish they kept mojito around
  5. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    I am jealous wish i could have made it out there for Jeep Beach
  6. 4xe vs Ecodiesel... Help me decide!

    I do not have any experience with the 4xe. I however love my diesel. There were a couple before me raving about long road trips. I have 23k on my Diesel now and love every second driving it. I have made 5 trips from San Diego to Boise ID in the last year with wheeling events in Sand Hollow and...
  7. locking gun safe for my JLU

    @MrMischief mentioned this above. This is the set up I use. I love my Lifepod. I am not to worried about theft with it locked and stuffed under my seat I am hoping out of sight out of mind. Now that I’m Living in Idaho I am also hoping I don’t have theft problems like SoCal
  8. Post Your 3.0 Pics

    I love those Black Rhinos.. Look Sooo Good
  9. Cwu's Punk'n Diesel Build

    my issue is the wife and kids can’t get in the jeep so it was more for them. But the sure are sexy lookin
  10. Cwu's Punk'n Diesel Build

    After months of going back n forth on what sliders. I finally decided on the Rock Slide Engineering ones. Instructions were fairly straight forward. When it got to the protective strip part it wasn’t specifics and I ended up place a bit too high. Only issues I ran into aside from that were the...
  11. Cwu's Punk'n Diesel Build

    To my Knowledge there is only one options on the sway bar now you can do the forged steel or Aluminum arms
  12. Factory leather seats in "Dark Saddle" are actually really light tan?

    I wouldn’t consider the dark saddle to be light tan. But I wouldn’t consider it to be super dark either. I think ligting plays a big role in it as well
  13. Cwu's Punk'n Diesel Build

    Looks Like AFe Finally Released their Exhaust, Intake and scorcher for the Diesel. Cool to See my Jeep on their website
  14. Cwu's Punk'n Diesel Build

    It has been a while since I have updated this. Not much has happened as far as upgrades. I finally gave in and upgraded my steering stabilizer and To be honest I’m not really in love it with. Even on the firmest setting the steering feels super loose. I am planning on going out for EJS hopefully...
  15. what to use to clean engine bay

    Quick vid of how I usually clean mine Engine Wash I probably overly protective but I usually just stuff a towel in my intake opening. Has worked well for me with no issues
  16. Best Microfiber for Plastic Windows?

    No worries man just wanted to make sure you got a discount if you bought through then. Enjoy
  17. Best Microfiber for Plastic Windows?

    If you want send me your order number and I’ll message them and let them know. They just updated their website last week so it’s been a bit wonky
  18. Your favorite mod under $200

    I would say My favorites are Factory55 And of course 67 designs (sorry didn’t lighten up the photo)
  19. Best Microfiber for Plastic Windows?

    The Rag Company has the best Microfiber towels you can buy. I do not have plastic windows I use “Dry me a River” I do not see that being an issue with your windows. If you are worried about scratching you can always go with a heavier more plus towel to clean. the biggest key to microfiber...