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  1. Terrible Clutch on Brand New JLUR Has Me Really Frustrated

    You’ll get used to it. I came out of a Focus ST and it was very odd at first now, I really enjoy it.
  2. When are you using 4H and 4L on your Wrangler?

    4H as soon as I hit dirt. I do spend quite a bit of time in 4L on the trail. I use my 6 speed to the fullest. 4L 5th gear at about 20 mph
  3. A handful of linked error lights - ABS, Traction, and Service 4wd

    I dropped it off on Friday and picked it up this morning. I drove back from Moab to Phoenix and all over town for a week with all the DTC's on. Didn't miss the ABS or SC one bit.
  4. A handful of linked error lights - ABS, Traction, and Service 4wd

    Just picked the Jeep up from the dealer this morning. Front right wheel speed sensor was the issue. Glad to be back on the trails.
  5. Jeep gurus help.....why are there two different center consoles on 2021 models?

    I wonder how many details have changed since the JL's introduction. The console is a pretty minor inconvenience compared to the 3.6L engine mount change.
  6. Census: What engine is in your JL?

    3.6 manual here. I would have considered the 2.0 if it had a manual.
  7. Rugged Ridge XHD Rock Sliders

    I ordered these a month ago from Northridge4x4. I hope they ship soon. I lifted my Jeep and my lady needs a step and she is running out of patience.
  8. A handful of linked error lights - ABS, Traction, and Service 4wd

    All these lights just came on today. Kinda ruined our last day in Moab.
  9. Dynatrac EnduroSport 2" lift - also fixed my steering issues!

    I’m in Moab now putting the lift through the paces. I’m happy with the off-road performance. I wish it was a bit softer on the washboards but on the big rocks and ledges it’s perfect. I’m still on 33’s and Elephant hill was great with the 2” lift. Top of the world tomorrow.
  10. Dynatrac EnduroSport 2" lift - also fixed my steering issues!

    these are the front ones. Dobbins does offer the rears as well but I just used the Dynatrac ones.
  11. 2021 JLU Oil Pan / Transmission Skid Plate Availability

    I don’t think Quadratec spend enough time on this forum. The researh is found here.
  12. Tire patch or plug

    I would have it patched while it’s off. Discount tire does it for free. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with running a properly repaired tire in any position.
  13. Weak Throttle Response on Manual Transmission Models?

    I’m telling you again. Turn the traction control off and it’s like night and day in that situation. I know from experience here. Try it.
  14. Your favorite mod under $200

    Trasharoo for sure. Not having garbage inside my Jeep is totally worth not having a backup camera.
  15. Just got home from Bronco event...

    I have read through all of these pages and I feel dumber having done so. I’m actually excited for a trail focused rig coming to market. I love my Jeep and wouldn’t trade it for a Bronco but I do think the new Ford is cool. The Ecoboost are proven (I owned one and it was epic). They are offering...
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed a couple bags on the front seats in preparation for Moab next week.
  17. JL Sport muffler Delete pipe

    I had the delete on my 4door about 2 weeks. It was to much for me at 3-4K pulling hills. It does sound good just cruising around town for sure.