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  1. Accidental audio improvement with dash speakers and Alpine system

    Why couldn't they just make the knee panel a separate piece like the TJ? That seems like a crazy amount of unnecessary work! I read through this entire thread and am still leaning towards the MB Quart option of replacing everything with new speakers and amps...
  2. MB Quart announced 'Purposely Engineered Jeep Tuned Audio Kits' (incl. 6x9 Soundbar adapter) at Jeep Beach 2021

    Any updates from people that have installed this setup? I have the upgraded Alpine system and am torn between the base 6 speaker upgrade and the amplified upgrade. Wish I got in on the 40% off code, that would have made the decision easier!
  3. Who is going to try the new Metal Cloak "DB3" Rear Control Arm Correction Bracket?

    I just got back from my first wheeling trip with the 3.5 gamechanger. The on and off road ride is great. I can't imagine it could get noticeable better without changing out the shocks. These brackets do look like they might get hung up a bit more than the factory brackets on ledges. However...
  4. Is Soft Top Lack of Security a Farce?

    Don't leave valuables in the rig if you don't have a garage to park it in. Don't buy a Jeep with a soft top for your daily driver if you are worried about the security of it. Or, drive your minivan to the mall, problems solved.
  5. Which engine for Colorado passes?

    I agree and that was one of the reasons I stayed away from the Diesel and the 392. I am worried enough about the 44's with just my 3.6l and don't want to dump another 20k into Dana 60's for at least a couple of years. I am already above 20k into it with the lift, beadlocks, tires, armor, etc.
  6. Which engine for Colorado passes?

    Great MPG! We made the 400 mile trip over the passes from Denver to Moab and averaged 18.3 mpg on the 5.13 gears with 3.6l and I was surprised it was that good. My TJ averaged about 12 running super unleaded on that same route last year...
  7. Which engine for Colorado passes?

    The eco diesel is nice. I originally went with the 3.6L with the intentions of supercharging it like I did with my 4.0. However, after the lift and 37's, I re-geared to 5.13 and it has plenty of get up and go. I doubt I will mess with the supercharger at this point. The 5.13's really allowed...
  8. Which engine for Colorado passes?

    It will be interesting to see if there is a noticeable gain in torque while driving over a pass, or if it will just offset the weight gained by the batteries to begin with. Would be neat to see a side by side comparison on one of the taller passes here in Colorado.
  9. Tazer JL - more than just a tire size programmer!

    I meant 4lo, thanks. I don't want to take away the option, just make it an option. Right now it is not an option, there are just enabled at any speed or transfer case selection. There really is no need for a locker above 15-20 mph, and only reason then is between obstacles when you don't feel...
  10. Tazer JL - more than just a tire size programmer!

    I just ordered the OEM locker wire harnesses to fix the error codes. I am reading that with these the lockers can be activated in 4Hi and possibly even 2Hi... Is there a way to stop them from activating outside of 4Lo? Maybe we can add this to the next update release?
  11. What happens when the axle lock sensor fails?

    Thanks, Northridge was supposed to send over the OEM, but sent over the wrong ones. Really ticked me off... Fortunately, it did not keep me from wheeling.
  12. What happens when the axle lock sensor fails?

    Ok. Now I am confused. My screen currently shows the front locker as connected when it is not connected. Will the tazer harness fix that so the screen is accurate? Or does it only make the right light on the switch work? If it does not fix the dash accuracy, I might as well bypass the entire...
  13. What happens when the axle lock sensor fails?

    Thanks, mine is probably just the front as well. If I just need the front, I am still keeping the other one as a spare.
  14. What happens when the axle lock sensor fails?

    Just finished setting up my 2021 JLUR for our 10 day Moab trip. The week before heading out, I had a shop regear. Sure enough, hit the trails and locked the axles for a tough obstacle. After completing the obstacle I went to rear only and the front would not show engaged on the screen...
  15. Thoughts on this quote for 3.5 lift on 21 JLU Rubicon

    Price is not bad as far as labor. Lift totally depends on you. If you are not hard core wheeling that will be fine. My neighbor has the same lift, I drove his and then my JLUR with the Metalcloak 3.5 lift. We both feel that my lift rides better than his on road. I have not seen his perform...
  16. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    Finally warmed up enough here to take swap out the hardtop with soft top and half doors. Bought in November and just finished up the build. Headed to Moab tomorrow for 10 days!
  17. The dealership ordered the wrong Jeep!!???!

    I am surprised they did not just find one at another dealership with the same or more options than what you ordered. Seems like a quicker and easier way to get it.
  18. Mopar Half Doors Installed on JLUR 392 Pics

    No way would I lose money on those doors. Either have the dealership order you another set or ask for a full refund.
  19. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    Yes, you will want to put it under the passenger side for sure. There are some plugs attached to the bottom of the seat that got in the way for me. I had to move them and add in a washer. No way it would work with cut brackets. I rarely have my family in the backseat as we have other...