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  1. Texas OEM Mopar LED Fog Lights DFW $95

    Would you happen to know if it would fit a 2019 Sahara? Are you willing to ship to Tampa?
  2. Texas OEM Mopar LED Fog Lights DFW $95

    Are they still available? Those should fit a 2019 Sahara I guess. Would you be willing to ship to Florida?
  3. Alabama Mopar LED Headlights $675

    Hello, I’m interested. Would you be willing to ship to Tampa FL ?
  4. Rear hardtop leaking down inside of glass

    My JL Sahara is currently at the dealership for the same leak issue. Crossing fingers that they fix it properly.
  5. Apple CarPlay Resizing

    no updates that I know of.... this is really unfortunate as the experience is not the same as if it were full screen. @JeepCares just keeps saying it’s a great idea and that it’ll be passed up to development team and then we don’t hear anything. At this point it’s clear they don’t give a damn...
  6. LED DRL install for JLU Sahara 2019

    Yup found those bolts and removed them. Definitely gives better access. I’ll have to take a look at the clips and make sure I don’t break them. Thanks for all your help Greg! I’ll post back once I have time to attempt the install again lol
  7. LED DRL install for JLU Sahara 2019

    Hi Greg, Thanks for that detailed response! So I need to remove one of the clips that holds the fender flare to the body in order to flip the flap down which will then give me access to the light and its screws. need to order some replacement clips for the flare then.
  8. LED DRL install for JLU Sahara 2019

    Purchased OEM DRL lights for my none LED JLU Sahara 2019. I’ve tested them by connecting it to the cord with the halogens connect to and know they work. I am however having huge trouble removing the halogen DRL. I remove the fender cover and remove some bolts and clips but then I have a cover...
  9. Apple CarPlay Resizing

    Regret not getting the 8.4” from the beginning. I thought they would provide the same level of support to both seeing that we are spending over $50k. @Sgt Beavis I also have a feeling they won’t do anything to fix it and expecting for them to address it is futile. Just trying to let...
  10. Apple CarPlay Resizing

    @JeepCares Any update on when the Jeep Community can expect an update to be released? Is it being worked on?
  11. Apple CarPlay Resizing

    @JeepCares Are you guys paying attention to what is being said??? People complaining and Jeep not caring. Please get this fixed, it shouldn’t be that hard for your software developers to figure this out. At least acknowledge the issue and inform us that it is being worked on.
  12. Apple CarPlay Resizing

    @JeepCares Any update? iOS 13.1 has now been officially launched and Jeep hasn’t updated anything as of yet.
  13. Huge improvements coming for CarPlay in iOS 13

    Looks really good on the 8.4” Uconnect. I tried it on the 7”Uconnect and Jeep crops the CarPlay screen too much. Here is hoping that Jeep releases fix to address screen space for CarPlay. I’m still confused as to why they don’t add a Jeep icon within CarPlay that allows you to jump back to the...
  14. So what's the scoop? Have the Uconnect issues been resolved yet?

    On my JL19 7”screen it’s been spotty. CarPlay sometimes doesn’t appear. Uconnect screen goes black from time to time and then restarts. This has happened a couple of times doesn’t matter if using radio only or using CarPlay for music. CarPlay is ridiculously small in the 7” display. Radio...
  15. Non-LED to LED Fender Light Question

    Excellent, thanks for the thorough walk through! I’ll attempt that later this week. :)
  16. Non-LED to LED Fender Light Question

    Great, glad to know it can be done :). I’ll keep trying but will order new plastic fasteners as some of them have broken. Thanks for confirming! I’ll have to give it a shot again later on when I have free time.
  17. Non-LED to LED Fender Light Question

    I just bought a pair of OEM fender led lights from another member but having issues installing it. Does the whole fender need to come off? I was hoping I could install it by only removing the fender liner. If anyone has and install guide I would really love to take a look. Thanks!
  18. CarPlay problems

    While using CarPlay today the 7” uconnect stopped recognizing the iPhone. After a bit the whole display shut off and turned back on. CarPlay came back but kept disconnecting. This is all happens while driving. Cable used is brand new and from Apple. iPhone fully update to latest official iOS...

    Looking good! I’m considering doing a similar change to mine. How did you black out the Jeep and Sahara logo? I want to do the same but I want something that will survive car wash lol. I’ve thought about plasti dip but afraid it will come off easily.
  20. Factory LED Package DRL/Turn Signals- AWOL Part Numbers - Fighting with Dealership

    I’ve been trying to replace my halogen ones with LED OEM on my JLU Sahara. Taking the fender liner was simple and I confirmed led light properly recognized by car( no error codes, or hyper flashing). Problem I’m running through is removing the cover behind the halogen lights. I’ve removed the...