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  1. Georgia 2018 JLU soft top $750

    Yes, just had it installed in their Atlanta showroom. So far it is awesome, quieter and much better insulated than stock.
  2. Georgia 2018 JLU soft top $750

    It’s the base soft top, not the premium. Yup, it’s still available.
  3. Georgia 2018 JLU soft top $750

    Bump. Make an offer!
  4. Georgia 2018 JLU soft top $750

    Good condition soft top, getting a power soft top installed and no longer need the stock one. Near Augusta, GA.
  5. Oracle reverse lights hooked up to reverse and switch? Can it be done???

    It's pretty easy to hook up a relay. I did it to wire a 10" light bar mounted under the bumper to come on with the reverse lights. I think it was a brown wire on the taillight harness that I tapped into, but check the wiring diagram. I tapped into power at the 12V outlet in the back for power...
  6. Is Oracle Oculus the best headlights still? Or something else?

    I can definitely recommend the Oculus lights. Have had them on for about 8 months, and they are absolutely amazing compared to the halogen lights. I would never recommend putting LED or HID bulbs in the stock reflector housing. It does not aim the beam properly and you will be blinding...
  7. OEM LED vs Oracle Oculus

    I haven't had any fogging in mine
  8. JL sports S tail light LED conversion

    It's on the opposite side of the connector. So the side that has the most wires, it'll be the wires on both ends.
  9. JL sports S tail light LED conversion

    Sorry, wasn't too sure how it compares to stock. I was sitting in the garage smoking a cigar and the box was right there. Should be the same position in the connector though as these connect right up to the stock harness.
  10. JL sports S tail light LED conversion

    Not sure if it helps, but here's a pic of the resistor wiring that comes spliced into the Oracle LED replacement taillights that I just got in yesterday.
  11. Rats!

    It was never parked without moving for more than a weekend in our driveway.
  12. Rats!

    So last week my wife's Jeep had an error pop up saying to service the auto stop start system. It seemed to have much less power when driving it. The check engine light came on, have a code for the turbo bypass valve and one for the evap system. I found a chewed wire and foam piece in the engine...
  13. OEM LED vs Oracle Oculus

    Thanks for the reply Oracle. Any chance you guys will have any upcoming black Friday sales you could tip us off to? Have a few things I want to order!
  14. Auto/Stop Start

    I got the same start stop system warning yesterday on my wife's Jeep, checked engine codes and also have a P0033 code for turbo bypass valve. It's going to the dealership on Saturday to get checked out. We bought it certified used 2 months ago.
  15. Maryland Rubi take offs to clear garage for winter!

    PM sent for the bumpers.
  16. OEM LED vs Oracle Oculus

    Thanks, I've seen a lot of positive things about the Oracle lights on here, I'm hoping they have a black Friday discount coming up so I can pick those up as well as their LED tail lights and some new fog lights.
  17. OEM LED vs Oracle Oculus

    Looking to upgrade our Sport S halogen lights and wondering if anyone has experienced both OEM LED and the Oracle Oculus. Specifically which one has better light output and a better beam pattern. I'm leaning more towards the OEM lights right now because it comes with the harness for the halos...